How to Impress Clients and Colleagues Online, Using Numbers

The details you put on your professional profile online matter when you’re trying to make a great impression on colleagues and future clients. It’s good that you spend a lot of time perfecting your bio, professional headshot, and banner – background photo, but this isn’t enough. To wow your audience, you must take the extra step of highlighting your achievements. In this matter, including numbers is the best language for communicating success.

What numbers should you incorporate into your profile? These are the types of figures you should prioritize:


Emphasize the number of awards you’ve been given in the past years. This can be internal, recognized by your brokerage firm, or external from prominent players in the industry. Recognition of your work and excellence will let fellow brokers and property seekers know that you are indeed an expert in the field. 

Here are some examples you can follow when writing awards-related numbers:

  • Four-time Broker of the Year at the Lamudi Broker Awards
  • Received the recognition Best Sales Agent of the Year for three consecutive years in ABC Realty, from 2019 to 2021
  • Generated P20 million worth of property transactions, a record-breaking sales performance in 2020


Numbers related to your professional network and clients are worth highlighting in your online profile. They give fellow brokers and future customers a peek into the way you build and manage business relationships. 

Here are some examples you can follow when writing people-related figures:

  • Referred clients to a wide network of 100 professional contacts helping in legal, financial, and construction-related concerns
  • Introduced an effective referral program that increased client numbers by 20%
  • Served 20+ first-time homebuyers in the first five years of real estate practice

Marketing Metrics

It’s also important to highlight your competence in promoting properties. The best way to go about it is to talk about your marketing milestones. Once you establish this, your fellow agents will look up to you for expertise in real estate marketing. Property sellers, on the other hand, will be able to trust your credibility in delivering the results they expect.

Here are some examples you can follow when writing marketing wins:

  • Wrote 15 more pieces of content in the first quarter of 2022, increasing traffic to the brokerage’s website by 50% 
  • Increased engagement rate on the brokerage’s Instagram page by 70% by partnering with industry influencers
  • Reached an average of 50K views on house tour YouTube videos produced in 2021


Time is a critical number worth including in your professional profile, as it primarily points to your efficiency on the job. When you’re able to establish your credibility in accomplishing a lot in a short time, fellow brokers would be interested in partnering with you to streamline their own businesses. Meanwhile, property seekers would be keen on having someone who can deliver within their set deadline. 

Here are some examples you can follow when writing time milestones in your profile:

  • Offered strong customer service by answering inquiries within one business day
  • Eliminated the backlog in the creation of 100 listings within five days
  • Updated listings of available properties for sale and for rent in Makati diligently, removing sold listings within 24 hours


It’s already a given that positive numbers related to money will always be impressive for colleagues and future clients. Your ability to manage finances well reflects excellent leadership. Fellow brokers would want to know how you did it, while property seekers would be eager to work with someone who has good stewardship skills.

When it comes to money-oriented figures, most people are interested in the growth in revenues and reduction of costs. If you were able to reach these milestones in your brokerage business, showcase them in your profile. 

Here are some examples you can follow when writing finance-related figures in your profile:

  • Bolstered quarter-on-quarter sales in ABC Realty by a double-digit percentage in the second quarter of 2022 through excellent customer service
  • Helped the brokerage minimize marketing spending by 50 percent over a six-month period after introducing a lead management tool
  • Generated savings worth P100K in the first quarter of 2022 after proposing transition to an online sales management portal

Numbers are the best language for showcasing your achievements online as a property agent. This can effectively improve your personal branding and attract both colleagues and clients to your practice. 

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