Houses and Lots in the Verdant Santa Rosa, Laguna

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Santa Rosa, Laguna’s carpet of nature provides a cool breeze and calming scenery to its developing lifestyle and business districts. The city offers a multitude of gated communities with houses and lots that embody comfort, leisure, tranquility, and sustainability.

Here are some of the horizontal residential communities that combine stylish homes with comfort, leisure, and nature.

TierraBela at Eton City

Located within the upscale community of Eton City is TierraBela, an Italian-Mediterranean-inspired residential enclave that offers comfort and convenience in the emerging business district in Laguna. 

TierraBela draws its name from the Spanish word “tierra,” which means land or earth, and the Italian word “bella,” which means beautiful. It covers a land area of 87,000 sqm and offers 213 residential lots.  The community offers four unit and lot types: cul-de-sac, regular, veranda, and trail types. The houses don a traditional Italian design and architecture that complements the lush surroundings and open spaces. 

The residential enclave also houses amenities like an adult and a kiddie swimming pool, village clubhouse, river park, basketball court, children’s playground, and open parks that can be used for picnics, barbecues, and outdoor gatherings. 


Nestled within idyllic and sprawling landscaped gardens is Augusta, a premier residential development by Brittany Corporation. Covering a land area of 15 hectares, Augusta promises a charming life with homes built to last.

Augusta offers Southern American-themed houses with a contemporary twist. Its house types, Sadie and Felicity, both have two storeys. Sadie measures 110 sqm on a lot area of 121 sqm, while Felicity measures 63 sqm on a lot area of 63 sqm. Sadie offers three bedrooms, two toilets and baths, a balcony area, and a single carport. Felicity has a master bedroom plus two bedrooms, three toilets and baths, maid’s room, balcony area, and a two-car parking port.

Other than the idyllic and sprawling homes, Augusta presents charming amenities such as an exquisite clubhouse, swimming pool, scenic jogging trail, multi-purpose court, and a fully-equipped gym. These amenities are sure to bring unit owners closer to nature.

Abrio Nuvali

Carrying the flag of Ayala Land Premier, Abrio Nuvali redefines residential living by delivering top-caliber privacy, security, and exclusivity through their exquisite houses with a scenic view of the surroundings. It is situated within the burgeoning lifestyle hub of NUVALI in Evoliving Park.

Abrio Nuvali has a total of 380 residential lots, each measuring 801 sqm to 1,234 sqm. The residential enclave offers six house and lot models, all outlined by the community’s pocket parks and refreshing surroundings. 

The elegant community comes with amenities that offer a refreshing atmosphere, creating a balance between modern living and nature. Homeowners can enjoy Abrio’s town clubhouse, multi-purpose courts, amphitheater, two-hectare garden lawn, and landscaped paths ideal for strolling, jogging, and cycling. 

Georgia Club

Yet another residential community within Santa Rosa, Georgia Club is notable for its throng of classic homes within a luscious environment. This residential enclave neighbors Augusta and Sta. Elena City, two of Brittany’s premier communities. 

Georgia Club offers various house models, with floor areas measuring at least 174 sqm and lot areas measuring a minimum of  220.5 sqm. The houses are outlined by wrap-around porches, white picket fences, brightly colored doors, gabled roofs, and shuttered French-style windows reminiscent of the southern stately mansions of the 1800s.

This idyllic gated community presents an array of enjoyable amenities, including the charming Peach Tree clubhouse that has alfresco dining areas and outdoor barbecue pits. The development also has a swimming pool, a convertible basketball and tennis courts, and the pocket park called The Daisy Park, which houses the children’s play area. 

Ideal for nature lovers, Georgia Club is home to over 1,200 trees that are more than 50 years old, as well as a diverse array of plant and bird species. The quaint houses combined with the rich carpet of flora and fauna creates a lifestyle that merges modern living with sustainability. 

West Wing Residences at Eton City

West Wing Residences is another high-end residential community located at the sprawling Eton City, covering a land area of 20 hectares. West Wing Residences is an ideal haven for nature lovers, and for those who want to live away from the rush of the metro.

West Wing Residences offers four house model types named after former American presidents. The houses have floor areas ranging from 50 sqm up to 110 sqm on lots with areas ranging from 80 sqm up to 169 sqm. All house models have two storeys, an entry porch, a single carport, and a garden area that can be used for outdoor parties.

The amenity area is situated on a uniquely moon-shaped lot along the village’s roundabout. Residents can enjoy a fully air-conditioned village clubhouse, function rooms, swimming pool, kiddie pool, water feature, landscaped gardens, and a jogging trail. 

South Lake Village at Eton City

This Dubai Palm Island-inspired 150-hectare residential enclave comprises high-end homes that are situated along a 35-hectare man-made lake. South Lake Village offers picturesque and remote lakehouse living while being close to many vigorous and growing metropolitan areas.

South Lake Village is most notable for 18 one-hectare island lots that surround the serene synthetic lake, with each one named after upscale island resorts from all over the world. The village also offers riverside lots that give a suburban kind of living.

Homeowners can easily access key business districts in the metro, namely Alabang, Pasay, BGC, and Makati–prime locations that are 30 minutes to an hour away. 

RiverBend at Eton City

Neighboring the pastoral South Lake Village is RiverBend, a 9.4-hectare gated community located along the Barangay Malitlit River. RiverBend dons an Asian beach resort design that gives a warm, rustic vibe with a contemporary twist. 

RiverBend Village has a total of 279 lots that measure a minimum of 180 sqm up to 327 sqm. The village offers five house models with two storeys, two-car parking ports, balcony areas, three to four bedrooms, and three to four toilets and baths. These houses are ideal for families of any size who want to live in an idyllic environment. 

The village offers a clubhouse that overlooks the half basketball court, children’s play area, and a swimming pool with a lounge deck. The amenity area is reminiscent of tropical islands due to several palm trees outlining the place. 

Santa Rosa is outlined with houses and lots that cater to homeowners looking for a laid-back atmosphere accompanied by nature and urban conveniences. Consider your options in the south if you are planning to buy a house and lot.


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