Top 5 Home Safety Features to Look for When Living Solo

Filipino millennials are known to break long-held traditions when it comes to living arrangements. For one, they were once labeled as the renting generation, favoring renting rather than buying to support their lifestyle of traveling frequently and being digital nomads. 

Today, they’re known as the generation who left the family nest before getting married or having kids. Many are driven by the need to embrace independence (or as they call it, #adulting). Most millennials tried living on their own, especially amid the pandemic, when remote work was implemented and they found themselves seeking solace for sanity.

Safe and Sound While Going Solo

Solo living is fun, but we can’t deny the fact that there are a lot more safety risks when you’re alone. If you’re planning to embrace an independent life, you should be a little more picky when choosing a home. 

Aside from keeping you protected, a safe home is an excellent investment. Should you decide to rent it out or sell it later, you can get more value because people wouldn’t skimp on their safety. In fact, they would pay more. This is what Shaira Habon, a young investor-influencer, talked about in the recently released webilaunch by Lamudi x One Lancaster Park.

To make solo living safe, your residence ideally must have these features:


Security cameras can reduce safety risks at home. For one, it can stop crooks in their tracks knowing they might get caught on camera. Other more advanced cameras will let you monitor your home remotely. You’ll be able to see who’s at your front door or how your loved ones left at home are doing. That said, when house hunting, be on the lookout for residences that already have CCTVs in place.

At One Lancaster Park, the first residential condominium in Lancaster New City in Cavite, future dwellers can have the peace of mind that they’re safe as the common areas, including the lobby and hallways, are equipped with CCTVs. With a property management team on-site, you can rest assured that these facilities are functioning well.

2. Digital Door Lock System

It’s easy to pick ordinary locks using everyday objects like paper clips or hairpins. On the contrary, digital door locks don’t have traditional keyways that make them vulnerable to break-ins. What’s more, some can be linked to alarm systems, enhancing further home security. If you can find a home that has this kind of security system, it’s worth including it in your top choices.

Smart card access is one of the key safety features in One Lancaster Park. Aside from the individual residential units, the elevators will be equipped with this type of security system. This is reassuring for future residents since only those authorized, carrying the smart cards, are allowed to enter the premises. This kind of security is especially enticing for renters and buyers in the future.

3. Perimeter Fence

A fence is often the first layer of security against intruders, as it keeps them out. It can prevent different forms of illegal activities, from vandalism to trespassing to robbery. Most condo communities would have perimeter fences. Some would even be electric-powered to make sure that unwanted visitors are denied access. 

A well-built perimeter fence will surround One Lancaster Park, ensuring privacy and security. As added protection for residents, the entrances and exits are guarded. Only residents and authorized individuals can go inside the community. 

4. Smoke Detectors

Another aspect of physical safety at home is protection from disasters, such as fires. Smoke detectors provide early warning of a potentially fatal fire, helping you take appropriate action and reduce the risk of serious injuries or even death. Fo this reason, a home equipped with smoke detectors is a good investment. 

When you invest in One Lancaster Park, you can expect a properly-installed fire detection sprinkler system in your condo unit. On top of that, the property management team on site will ensure that there’s a clear policy on emergency evacuations.

5. Thriving Community

Your home isn’t separate from a larger community. What happens in the city or town or neighborhood you’re in can affect your safety. This is why apart from inspecting individual homes thoroughly and looking for the mentioned features, you must not forget to check the community they’re in. A safe neighborhood is not just one where crimes are low but also where people care for each other and businesses prosper.

The first residential condo in Lancaster New City is designed to be this kind of thriving community. It’s set in a vibrant integrated township dotted with different establishments, allowing people to interact with each other and form bonds. Within One Lancaster Park, you can even find an on-site clinic ready to accommodate health-related needs.

Are you ready to take on solo living? While considering the perks, don’t forget to take into account the risks. Go house hunting with safety features in mind. With a safe home, you can ensure a safe investment. Invest in One Lancaster Park, your #HomeSafeHome.


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