8 Tips and Tricks to Make a Small Space Bigger

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It takes just a bit of creative thinking to create the illusion of space in a small condo unit.

It is no secret that the amount of developable land in Metro Manila continues to dwindle. Because of this, most studio condos built by the top developers now measure less than 50 square meters, which is actually considered as “shoebox” size. This issue of limited space in condos and apartments pose a challenge to dwellers that are after utmost comfort.

Problems such as a cramped space require solutions that prioritize practicality.  Compromises in interior design, as well as adjustments in living habits, will obviously have to be made, but with some creative thinking, living comfortably can be achieved. Here are some things to consider to make a small condo unit seem larger:

Bring in natural light

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Light and colors go hand in hand. First, make sure that space is painted in light hues and keep the accessories in soft and/or cool colors. When natural light hits the stark white walls, the effect is a bright and airy-looking space. In order to make sure that sunlight flows into the house, maintain clean windows and open up the curtains in the daytime.

Keep the room in one color

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If possible at all, decorate the room in one color in varying shades. Keep the walls and the floor light, and save the darker shades for the smaller accent pieces and trimmings. The coherence saves the room from looking cluttered and make for a more open-looking space.

Open up the path

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While this one seems like a no-brainer, most people that live alone have a tendency to pile on the clutter. After all, a busybody does not have the time to clean that often. However, something to consider is the fact that a cramped space will benefit from every effort to keep it organized at all times. Skip the small decors and furniture to keep the room tidy. Not only that, by pushing the furniture and other heavy items towards the walls (but leave a bit of space in between) you get to open up the floorplan.

Use mirrors

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Another creative solution to the space problem is creating the illusion of space. Mirrors are the best tool to achieve this. They may require a substantial investment on the resident’s part, but they do wonders for small rooms. Look for a central location to place the mirror, put it near a light source, or position it across a window to make it seem like another one.

Decorate vertically

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When horizontal space is limited, make use of the unit’s vertical dimension. Utilize tall shelves, floor-to-ceiling drapes, and other similar types of fixings that run vertically along walls to take advantage of the room’s height and draw the eyes upward. When it comes to shelves, make sure to leave some gaps to show the depth of the room.

Go modular

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Multifunctional pieces make for very practical additions to any home, be it big or small. Modular furniture that can be transformed is an especially useful investment, especially for storage purposes. Go for chairs that double as storage space, tables with more than one purpose, storage boxes that can be arranged in a stack, instead of the usual items.

Use visually lightweight furniture and fixtures

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Chunky items take up much space and they very well look like it. Choose clean lines and slim silhouettes for furnishings. Better yet, opt for transparent items like chairs and tables or glass dividers. In addition, pick furniture that shows off their legs to create a sense of spaciousness. Some pieces that fit this requirement are the sofa, the bed, and the side tables. However, beware of stocking up on things that are too tall as this will take up vertical space that can be better utilized for wall installations that draw the eyes up.

Hang up statement art

A single statement piece in the form of an artwork will draw attention and serve as focal point of the room. That way, there is visible depth and structure to the arrangement. Hang it above the sofa, the bed, or a console table—something that is low and wide. Avoid hanging up smaller frames that often lead to clutter.

Once everything is sorted, comfort and a better quality of living will follow.


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