Home Buying Lessons from the Lamudi Online Housing Fair

The Lamudi Online Housing Fair finally drew to a close. If you caught the habit of online property search in that four-week period, perhaps you learned plenty of lessons useful for buying a property in this tech-oriented, socially distanced new normal. With those habits, you can be a smart shopper in the digital space.

As you look through listings again, inquire about properties, and compare prices, remember these lessons we picked up from the housing fair:

Search with Advanced Filters

In the same way that you used search filters in finding specific properties at the property fair, use these same features on property platforms. On the main Lamudi platform, you will find different filters, such as property type, location, price, and number of bedrooms. You can even search based on your preferred number of bathrooms, land size, floor area, and amenities. 

These filters can make the search faster, as they narrow down search results and give you property options that match what you are looking for exactly. There’s no need to dig through hundreds of listings anymore.

Make it a Habit to Be Well-Informed

The property fair featured plenty of educational webinars. Some tackled financing options, others discussed the value of investment amid a crisis. As much as you exercised diligence in attending these webinars during the fair, don’t get tired of getting the right information when scouting for a property moving forward. Attend more property-related webinars. Get the latest market trends. Talk to experts. 

Lamudi holds webinars on different relevant topics featuring thought leaders in the industry. You can also find lots of tips and advice regarding real estate investments from the Lamudi Journal. The latest trend reports are published there as well. Include Lamudi in your daily habit of improving real estate knowledge.

Assess Track Records

In the Lamudi Online Housing Fair, you know you’re in a safe marketplace because all the participating developers are trusted. But surely, you must have looked them up and seen how they supervised construction projects or managed existing properties, making sure that they indeed deliver what they promise. In your next property hunt, you should also do your research, engaging in business with only the best in the industry.

When scrolling through Lamudi listings, always look for the verified badge on the broker or developer. Take a look at development pages on the site and research the projects.

Remember Your Long-Term Goals

When checking housing fair listings and inquiring about properties, you considered how the size and layout of the property would benefit you in the next few years–perhaps for all your life. Use this same principle in your future online property search. Make sure that you’re buying not only for your present needs, but also for the future. 

As you use the Lamudi platform, get the broker or developer information provided on the listing page to confirm if the property you’re eyeing has the future-proof elements you need. Remember, it must have the right location and ample space, supporting your lifestyle demands five to 10 years from now. 

Take the Best Deals

In the same way that you first checked the Special Deals section at the property fair, look for promos and discounts when property hunting. The savings you get in the end will outweigh the hard work you put into the search. Usually, developers would announce their promos on their social media pages, so start browsing through those channels. Others partner with real estate marketplaces, such as Lamudi, in their announcements. Join Lamudi’s Viber community to be the first to know the latest deals.

If you don’t have the time to check social media pages or websites, an online housing fair is your best bet. It’s a one-stop-shop for the best deals. Watch out for the schedule of Lamudi’s next property fair gathering the biggest and most trusted developers. Get the latest updates on the event from our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

The Lamudi Online Housing Fair may have been over, but the effective property search habits you learned should stay with you. Remember these SMART strategies as you go on an online hunt for your next home.

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