Halloween 2021: How Your Kids Can Experience Safe Trick-or-Treating

The spookiest day of the year is almost here. Around this time last year, amid the increase of infections, parents started explaining to their younger kids why the traditional trick-or-treat isn’t possible. Now, more than a year into the health crisis, with the continuing vaccination program, you’re probably wondering how the Halloween celebration of 2021 would be different or if the real talk with the kids is still necessary.

Even though there are millions of Filipinos who have been vaccinated already and the recent number of cases have seen a decline, the threat of the coronavirus still looms. It’s also worth noting that young children are still not vaccinated against the virus. Therefore, observing health precautions is necessary.

The Halloween celebration in 2021 doesn’t have to be canceled altogether. With these tips, you can give your kids a memorable and safe trick-or-treat experience:

Organize Your Own Trick or Treat at Home

Treat the different rooms at home as different houses your child can visit. Assign a unique theme for each room. For example, the living room can be the chocolate station, while the kitchen is for the lollipops and bubble gums. The balcony is where kids can drop by for candy bars.

Add some twist to it by letting the kids do a task or two before getting the treats. For instance, they can create straw skeletons, put Halloween stickers to their Jack O’ Lantern buckets, or help with the decorations at home.

Keep the Fun Outdoors

Being outdoors has a lower risk of catching infections. The air freely circulating outside helps lower concentrations of pollutants or contaminants, which may include airborne viruses. Especially when your kids will observe distancing from others, their trick-or-treat experience will be safer.

Of course, you can only do this if your city, barangay, or neighborhood allows outdoor activities. Under the general guidelines of the strictest community quarantine, outdoor activities, such as walking and biking, are still allowed. 

Mask Up (the Right Kind)

It’s still important to wear a mask, and not just the one that comes with your kid’s Halloween costume. The best protective gear is still a two-ply face mask. If your child’s costume has some face covering, see to it that they can breathe through it even with the mask. You can even repurpose a cloth mask and make it part of the costume. As for your protection, it’s best to double mask, wearing a cloth mask on top of the surgical one to seal the gaps of the latter.

Limit the Number of Fellow Trick-or-Treaters

If you have more than one child, your kids can go together as a group. Keep the socialization within the people who are already inside your bubble. But if you only have one kid in your home, they can go with their closest buddy. Limiting the number of people your child will be with can help in lowering the chances of getting infected. Even then, you should encourage children to observe distancing.

Be Picky with the Houses You Visit

As much as you limit the number of trick-or-treaters with you, reduce the number of houses you’ll visit as well. Before, your kids can probably go to any home in the neighborhood, and even go back if they want more treats. Now, you have to prep them to visit only a few houses.

Your homeowners’ association should outline protocols for the houses giving out treats (for example, giving out separate goody bags instead of chocolates and candies in one bowl). Make sure that your planned route is around those compliant neighbors. 

Observe Good Hygiene

Bring alcohol or hand sanitizer with you all throughout trick-or-treating. In between house visits, remind your children to disinfect. When you reach your home, wash everyone’s hands. Make sure that your children apply enough soap and cover all surfaces of their hands and wrists. It’s recommended to scrub the hands for at least 30 seconds. The “Happy Birthday” song from beginning to end twice has relatively the same duration. Make handwashing fun for kids by singing the song. 

Make Halloween 2021 an unforgettable, and more importantly, a safe experience for your children. Amid the turbulent times, this spooky celebration can lend them a sense of normalcy. Have fun trick-or-treating!

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