Feelin’ Great at 8: Lamudi Celebrates Its 8th Anniversary

With the theme “Feelin’ Great at 8,” Lamudi celebrates its 8th year anniversary in the industry. From a young proptech company in 2014, it grew to a two-hundred strong workforce servicing millions of property seekers every year and partnering with the biggest names in the real estate sector.

Welcoming a huge milestone, Lamudi marked its 8th year in the industry on March 3, 2022. With the theme “Feelin’ Great at 8,” Lamudians celebrate the momentous event with fond remembrance of past wins and eager anticipation of future successes. Even though physically apart, the team is together in the spirit of honoring great accomplishments.

The first week of March for the company is filled with different pockets of mini festivities. Videos, quizzes, and various kinds of content highlight the humble beginnings of the company, which started off with one long work desk and grew to a two-hundred-strong workforce.

Great at 8

More than the witty rhyme in words, Feelin’ Great at 8 captures where Lamudi is currently at. Amid the great challenge of the pandemic, we were able to reach greater heights, as evidenced by how we built and retained partnerships with the biggest names in the property industry, supported the increased normalization of proptech in the country, and expanded our manpower.

Last January 2021, we achieved record-breaking numbers in terms of property listings. This February, we successfully held the Lamudi Broker Awards in the digital space for the second time. In April, we’ll be putting up another Online Housing Fair for property seekers looking for affordable homes. 

Lamudi’s great achievements won’t be possible without the great support of EMPG, the leading digital classifieds group in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Being at the helm of Lamudi’s operations since September 2020, I am truly grateful to witness the company’s great accomplishments amid the great obstacles of the times. I rest in confidence that the organization will continue to soar higher, as it commits to serving the market better and making online property search easier and safer. In turn, the property market can expect top-notch services from our platform and people.

Great Lamudians

Behind every great achievement of Lamudi is a great Lamudian. Since 2014, the company has seen exemplary individuals who made the company a pillar in the real estate industry. Every anniversary celebration, we strive to acknowledge these people, along with their hard work and professional philosophy.

Cess Padilla, the SEO Manager at Lamudi Central, is one of the first few employees in the organization. A Lamudian since 2014, she has been working in the company even before it acquired MyProperty.ph. According to her, the key to success, whether individually or as a team, is simple: to resolve to begin what you set out to do.

“Dream big, start small, but most of all, start,” she said. While it may seem simple, starting on a project can be difficult, as it often involves birth pains. 

As a young company, Lamudi experienced such challenges back in 2014. At the time, finding properties online wasn’t the norm. But it was this challenge that gave birth to innovations, with the company striving to make online property search safer and more sophisticated. The innovations came from meticulous research, studying the needs and preferences of the market closely.

Jonathan Cambe, a Lamudian since 2014, working as a Sr. Listing Content Specialist, emphasized that learning is necessary for success.

He advises Lamudians and professional teams, “Never stop learning. Always strive to learn more and develop your strengths.”

From a young company in 2014, Lamudi grew over the years, acquiring MyProperty.ph in 2015, introducing targeted campaigns and housing fairs in 2016, holding the first-ever The Outlook Awards in 2017, and creating its own educational arm Lamudi Academy in 2018. 

In 2019, the company held its first housing fair outside Metro Manila, in Cebu. In the pandemic years, Lamudi took traditional events to the digital space, picking up learnings along the way. 

All these grand achievements through the years contributed to what the organization is today. The pursuit for growth built its greatness.

Retention Lead Ma. Ariane Carandang, a Lamudian since 2012, shared the importance of taking a proactive approach to success. She said, “[We] are in charge of [our] own success or failure. [Our] small or big efforts have an impact on the future [we] want for [ourselves.]”

As for me, a Lamudian shaped by the pandemic, a firsthand witness to how the company thrived through the challenges and obstacles of the times, I know that we’ll only soar to greater heights moving forward. I’m excited to see more years with this organization, committed now more than ever to helping people find their dream property online.

Cheers to Lamudi’s eight wonderful years! Here’s to witnessing more! 

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