What Makes a Good Home Location for Newlyweds?

Weddings in the Philippines peak in June, and it has been so since time immemorial. Although this is the case, there’s no single best date or month to get married—hence the numerous people updating their relationship status to “engaged” or “married.”

Whether you’ve recently tied the knot or you’re planning to do it soon, this point in your life marks a new beginning. The unwavering allegiance to your partner also calls for a new, comfortable space where you can grow together.


The perfect home for newlyweds and growing families awaits. Here are its defining features: 

Suburban Feel for the Honeymoon Phase 

A cozy, spacious bedroom at The Levels is perfect for lounging (Actual Photo).

Great honeymoon destinations are made of scenic views and a laid-back vibe. What if you can find these in your own home in Metro Manila? At The Levels in Alabang, you and your partner could get away from it all—thanks to the condo’s suburban charm. Its verdant landscapes and gardens will give you that gift of serenity. Plus, you can always lounge by the pool or the hotel-like lobby.

The Levels is also located within the only green-certified business district in the country, Filinvest City. This means you’ll be in a place where you can get nature-inspired views and a relaxing vacation feel. The Levels is surrounded by posh restaurants and shops, interspersed with parks and tree-lined pathways. Within Filinvest City, couples can likewise extend the honeymoon phase by spending romantic weekends at the Crimson Hotel or Palms Country Club.

If you and your partner love spending time in nature, you can also choose walking as a hobby in the walkable district of Filinvest City. Its lush surroundings make every time spent outdoors a walk to remember for couples.

Urban Convenience for the Adjustment Phase 

The Levels emphasizes that convenience is a top consideration for a family home (Actual Photo).

Usually, between 18 to 36 months of getting married, couples begin to “settle in” and shape the quality of their lives. This is when urban convenience becomes a crucial part. Think of it as a requirement if you and your partner are career-driven, and yet, you want to keep your marriage thriving. 

In this case, The Levels by Aspire by Filinvest remains an ideal home. Its location within Filinvest City, which hosts residential enclaves, leisure destinations, and business centers, makes it possible to achieve work-life balance and healthy marriage. Just a few minutes from The Levels, you’ll find establishments like Parkway Corporate Center, Northgate Cyberzone, Westgate Center, and Festival Mall.

Abundant Space for the Parenthood Phase 

Make space for everything and everyone in your own unit at The Levels (Actual Photo).

As couples learn to adjust to each other’s differences, the intention to raise children comes into view. So to be prepared for this phase, living in a condo community with well-spaced units would be wise. Your family and needs are sure to evolve over time, and you will need enough space to adapt to these changes. 

At The Levels, you can have a unit as spacious as 72 square meters, which you can design to have two or three bedrooms. It’s perfect for newlyweds planning to have kids or are already raising some. A two-bedroom unit offers that privacy with your partner, a separate bedroom for the kids, and a spacious common area for get-togethers and family meetings. 

Impressive Amenities for Empowerment Phase

The Levels’ amenities and facilities hold their appeal to newlyweds and starting families (Actual Photo).

Growing as a strong and happy family is one of the ultimate goals of many newlyweds. And for this to manifest, spending time together and having access to family-friendly amenities are crucial.

If you acquire a unit at The Levels, you will get instant access to amenities suitable for leisure activities of all kinds. There’s a kid’s playroom where your children can unleash their creativity, a table tennis room and billiards and darts room for the whole family, and a swimming pool area for underwater fun.

Safety and convenience also contribute to why The Levels is an ideal home for families. It has round-the-clock security and CCTV monitoring, and it’s located within a mixed-use development that has two hospitals and its own Emergency Response Group and Crisis Management Team.

Residing at The Levels will also connect your children to high-quality education. The condo project is near reputable schools, such as De La Salle Santiago Zobel School, FEU Alabang, and San Beda College Alabang, to name a few. 

Indeed, the relaxing vibe, high level of convenience, and abundance of space and amenities make the perfect home for newlyweds. 

Find yours at The Levels, where units are now ready for occupancy and available with early move-in terms.


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