Future-Forward Developments: What’s to Come

The future may be uncertain, but it’s possible to be guarded against its unpredictability. This is one of the key insights tackled in the latest Lamudi webinar titled Future Forward Developments: What’s to Come. 

The virtual discussion, broadcasted on Lamudi’s official Facebook page, featured distinguished real estate pros from the largest homebuilder and construction technology company in Russia and Europe: Roman Mukhomadeev, Operations Director and CEO of PIK International; Anna Kalinina, Head of PIK International Sales; and Mai Yang Country Head of PIK Philippines.

The rise of “future-proof” homes has been a popular topic in the real estate industry, especially amid the current health crisis. Considering how the pandemic turned the world upside down, property giants, professionals, end-users, and everyone in between, are interested in residences and communities that can withstand tomorrow’s demands and last for years. These are some of the key takeaways from the panelists’ discussion on future-forward developments:

Future-Proof Development Defined

Describing what a future-proof development is, Mukhomadeev said, “A future-proof home is one that’s sustainable, flexible, and well-located.”

One Sierra, PIK’s maiden offering in the Philippines, boasts of these three must-have elements. Mukhomadeev mentioned that they crafted the high-rise condominium building to be energy-efficient and transit-oriented, choosing a location that promotes comfortable mobility. The development is located in Mandaluyong, a highly progressive city dubbed as the New Tiger City of the Philippines for its tremendous growth potential.

He added, “In terms of space, our generous unit cuts allow residents maximum flexibility, so these are spaces you can grow with. We also offer hybrid SOHO (small office/home office) units that allow residents to use space for commercial purposes or office needs.”

According to Mukhomadeev, a future-proof home is a stable investment. Homes with timeless infrastructure and responsive design are likely to increase in value over time. Whether as a residence or as an income source, home buyers benefit from the capital gains.

Demand for Future-Forward Developments

There’s a growing appetite for future-proof homes. Citing figures, Mukhomadeev said that smart homes are expected to grow over 17% in the next few years, while the smart home security industry will see almost 200M active households in the next five years. This aligns with Lamudi’s analysis that homebuyers prioritize security during their search. Alarm systems, 24-hour security, and secure parking were among the top-searched amenities on the platform, Mukhomadeev mentioned.

In One Sierra, security features and technologies form part of the building design. According to Mukhomadeev, the development boasts of exclusive keycard access, 24-hour premise security, premium CCTV system, and state-of-the-art automated parking solution. Similarly, there’s a secure lobby mailroom, which accommodates the new normal lifestyle of online shopping.

“All these features create a quality and worry-free living environment for our residents,” Mukhomadeev noted.

Aside from the growing interest in future-proof homes from the market, the movement of the industry at large towards these kinds of developments is fueling property demand. 

According to Yang, the Philippine Green Building Council (PHILGBC) recently updated the BERDE Green Building Rating System, putting emphasis on the building’s ability to accommodate community engagement, economic development, as well as health and well-being. 

Meanwhile, the Department of Energy (DOE) is aggressively promoting renewable energy investments. The agency has also been updating guidelines on the energy-conserving design of buildings. These notable movements in the industry are instrumental in popularizing future-forward developments in the country.

A Future-Proof Home Location

Location is a primary consideration in developing communities, especially future-proof projects. According to Kalinina, a transit-oriented residence, such as one located along EDSA in Mandaluyong, offers several benefits for residents. 

“Property values in Mandaluyong city are steadily growing, so this is an ideal location for real estate investors. Also, residents have direct access to everything that they need, like dining and shopping options, schools, medical services, and work, giving them utmost convenience and peace of mind,” she mentioned.

In the case of One Sierra, the development has direct access to EDSA, and is within walking distance from two major MRT stations. Yang noted that whether by private or public transportation, condo dwellers will be able to reach important landmarks within the metro.

“Transit-oriented developments will remain in demand because people will always want to be on the move. One Sierra makes it easier for them to do that.”

The New Tiger City of the Philippines, according to Kalinina, is a future-proof city because of its ideal location, transport accessibility, good governance, and of course, steady increase of property values. She added that the abundance of construction projects around the capital region improves the city’s accessibility to major central business districts.

A Future-Forward Community Design

A low-density development, One Sierra is more exclusive and secure, Mukhomadeev noted. The high-rise condominium only has 250 units houses in 30 storeys, 10 units per livable floor.

“This makes elevator access that much easier. Plus, overall, there’s less noise, less wear and tear of the building facilities since users are limited. With fewer residents, there are fewer demands on energy consumption,” he added. One Sierra creates an intimate living environment, promoting interaction among condo dwellers, and a strong sense of community.

Stepping inside the units of One Sierra, one will find interiors that promote sheer comfort for residents. Yang explained, “One Sierra units are built to be timeless and flexible. We offer SOHO units that have the unique advantage of providing the comforts of residential living, while allowing the buyer to use the space for work or even a small office.”

She added that content creators, creative enthusiasts, design entrepreneurs, and medical professionals can benefit from this kind of space, as the unit can serve as a studio, an office, or a clinic.

A Tech-Enabled Future-Proof Home

As a leading European construction technology company, PIK prides itself on being at the forefront of incorporating innovations in developments. 

“In our real estate projects in Moscow, PIK uses unique construction technologies that allow us to be more sustainable, lower CO2 emissions, and cut down construction debris, making our sites safer and reducing construction time,” Mukhomadeev shared. The company’s technologies enable efficiency in delivering projects, using less concrete without compromising quality and structural integrity.

On top of this, PIK employs prefab manufacturing, which helps them speed up the building process. They streamlined their workshops, removed sources of pollution, and created an effective water purification system through the company’s very own treatment facility.

“Since 2017, the volume of emission of harmful substances from PIK’s activities into the atmosphere has been reduced on an average of 20% annually. The amount of hazardous wastes of classes 1, 2, 3 is less than 1%,” Mukhomadeev noted. 

These sustainability practices are part of PIK’s core values, as they are firmly convinced that they don’t only build homes for today, but also homes for tomorrow and the next generation.

For all the future-proof features their development offers, Mukhomadeev said, “One Sierra is an ideal legacy property, something that buyers can pass to their loved ones.”

On top of the sustainability-oriented construction practices, the innovation in PIK’s residential projects is best reflected in its automated parking solution.

“A unique technology that PIK brings to the metro is a fully automated parking system, wherein with just a tap of a card, the system will park your vehicle for you. It’s one of the first of its kind in Metro Manila,” Kalinina explained.

A Sneak Peek into the Future-Proof Home

Responding to the market’s interest in future-proof residences, PIK is offering property seekers an opportunity to step into an actual home of the future and have a taste of what it’s like to live in it. The property developer is about to open a showroom in Bonifacio Global City, at the ground floor of Menarco Tower. It houses two of their most popular model units, the studio and one-bedroom units.

“A unique feature is that the lobby of the showroom is crafted to resemble the lobby area of One Sierra itself,” Kalinina said. The main lobby features a scale model imported from Russia, which features an easy-to-use panel, allowing buyers to highlight the floor and unit they like. 

To provide a quality visitor experience, PIK curated the showroom with direct supervision of the design team of industry experts in their headquarters.

Towards More Future-Forward Developments

Excited to build more future-proof projects in the Philippines, PIK is building its landbank in the Philippines. But more importantly, they’re focusing on improving their construction processes. 

“In the future, we would like to construct our developments faster and more efficiently here in the Philippines. Manila is a consideration for PIK’s plans to expand more of our construction. This would cut down turnover significantly, from the usual 4 to 5 years,” Mukhomadeev noted.

For her part, Kalinina reassured property seekers that their company’s next projects will still be aligned to future-proofing principles. 

“Like One Sierra, PIK’s upcoming projects will be a hit to different property seekers, especially those who are looking for quality and value […] Expect PIK to continue to deliver homes that are built with European quality and design, while also addressing the need for Filipino families to have beautiful, flexible, and affordable living spaces in key locations within the metro,” she shared.

If you’re interested in visiting PIK’s showroom in BGC, tune into their social media announcements about the guidelines for viewing. To watch the entire Lamudi webinar, click here

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