What’s a ‘Forever Home’ in the Time of the Pandemic

As the pandemic sent everyone home, many were forced to re-evaluate lifestyles and face unprecedented changes. Major shifts occurred not just in work life but also in home preferences. In fact, it’s not hard to find city dwellers wanting to move to the suburbs today. 

Homebuyers are now paying more attention to bigger houses and open spaces. They want to create a comfortable space for everyone indoors—a place where harmony and love prevail. All along, this changed the way we define a forever home. 

Amid uncertainties, a residential property with the following characteristics is bound to stand the test of time: 

Equipped with Multi-Use Spaces 

The desire for more space largely fuels the renewed interest in living outside Metro Manila. Homebuyers seek dedicated areas for new at-home activities, including remote work and online classes. Some would also want an extra room for isolation or to clean up before interacting with others. 

Outside, a forever home would have an expansive yard where children can engage in outdoor activities without going too far. It can also double as an area for intimate gatherings if long-distance travel is not an option. 

To paint a picture of an ideal home in the new normal, here’s the Amaya house model at Suntrust Sentosa as an example. 

Amaya house model at Suntrust Sentosa – Actual Photo 

It’s designed for families with growing kids in mind, so there’s a lot of open spaces for everyone to gather around and bond. Inside the unit, you’ll find an entertainment room and foyer on the first floor and a family area on the second floor that’s connected to the veranda. There’s a total of four bedrooms for Amaya, and you can redesign these internal spaces to fit the way you want to work and play.

Expanded Outdoor Access 

While the verandas and gardens of suburban homes already provide a space to stretch out, you can do so much more outdoors. For example, there are well-designed open spaces in the 21.8-hectare community of Sentosa in Laguna. Get some fresh air in the subdivision’s lush park, enjoy a friendly ball game on the basketball court, or have a soothing swim in the pool area. The community clubhouse and multi-function hall also promote opportunities for deepening relationships, which is essential after months of lockdowns.

Clubhouse at Suntrust Sentosa – Actual Photo 

Location-wise, Sentosa creates the image of a suburban home with an urban feel. Its position along Quirino Highway makes it easily accessible from Alabang, Metro Manila and Tagaytay, Cavite. The former is reachable in roughly 35 minutes via South Luzon Expressway, while the latter is less than an hour away via Tagaytay-Calamba Road. 

Industrial hubs, leisure and commercial centers, and hot spring resorts also surround the residential subdivision. This makes Sentosa a promising choice for families with members wanting to maintain a work-life balance. While there’s an option to work and relax from home, a house and lot in Sentosa would be a short distance away from places that foster growth and connection. 

Rendering of phase 3 amenity area – Architect’s Perspective

Green and Healthy

The need for therapeutic spaces strengthened during the pandemic. There has been a notable attempt to bring the outdoors in with the rise of plantitos and plantitas. Ultimately, urban dwellers have realized how vital greenery is for overall health.

Lack of access to open areas fueled the desire to move to nearby provinces. Laguna is a practical option, and so is the nature-inspired community of Sentosa by Suntrust Properties, Inc. The project promotes nature experiences through its parks and playgrounds, walkways, and spacious tree-lined streets.

The gated subdivision is inspired by the island resort in Singapore, also called Sentosa. The subdivision stands out in Laguna because of its panoramic views of Mt. Makiling and nature-oriented spaces that provide health and recreational benefits.

Sentosa uses a nature-based design and architecture to help its residents cope with stressful times amid and beyond a health crisis. On an individual level, the development offers growing families a chance to acquire a house and lot in Laguna, wherein mobility and congestion are no longer issues. On a community level, Sentosa has social spaces that facilitate the development of neighborhood interaction, ties, and resilience. 

When looking for a forever home, always consider its size, along with functionality and tranquility. It should be a loving home where you feel connected with family and cared for by the community.

Suntrust Sentosa offers a collection of spacious homes that suit all phases of your life. Follow this link to view your options.


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