Five Tips for Choosing a Family-Friendly Community

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While many factors can make a good community, it is those considerations toward family that separates the good from the great

Many factors can influence a home-seeker’s decision about where to live. Proximity to work, good climate, and access to commercial areas and leisure activities can be reasons why one place is considered better than another. For many, however, the choice ultimately revolves around what is best for their family.

It is important that an area can cover most, if not all, of what the family needs, and is also able to ensure their safety, comfort, and ability to live their lives in the best way possible. While easier said than done, new parents who also happen to be looking to buy a new home can better choose a family-friendly community by simply following a few basic considerations.

1. Roads and Public Transport

Five Tips for Choosing a Family-Friendly Community - Lamudi Philippines
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While you would ideally want to have everything you need situated in one place, it can never be fully the case. Hence, it is important that the community you choose is reasonably easy to get to and from both for adults, as well as for kids and teenagers.

While the dangers of the road are everywhere, some places are still simple better for children and younger people. A significant number of footpaths and sidewalks, proper street lighting, speed bumps, and proper bike lanes are just some features you should look out for.

2. Learning Facilities

Five Tips for Choosing a Family-Friendly Community - Lamudi Philippines
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Daily life for a family can be made easier when schools are near the home. Along with making it easy for the children to get to school by avoiding traffic, should any of them feel under the weather, it also makes it easier for the family to take them home to rest.

The presence of numerous schools is also indicative of a community being a host to a number of families. For home-seekers, this means other children their own kids can play and socialize with, and other parents who can attest to the family-friendliness of an area.

The Mango Tree Residences, the latest residential development of Empire East Land Holdings, Inc., is a prime example of a development ideally located near schools. Those within the development’s distance include St. Paul University, Immaculate Conception Academy, and La Salle Greenhills, among many others.

3. Healthcare and Community Services

Five Tips for Choosing a Family-Friendly Community - Lamudi Philippines
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When people have children, they often realize they now access healthcare and other services more frequently than before they were parents. Families have constantly changing needs, so it is also important that needed services are not just easy to access, but comprehensive and can cover most of a family’s requirements.

Again, the Mango Tree Residences is a key example of this type of family friendliness. Situated in a very accessible area along Paterno Street and the corner of Ledesma Street in San Juan City, the development is ideally located from facilities like the Cardinal Santos Medical Center and Mount Carmel Church, and is also within reasonable distance of The Medical City in Pasig.

4. Space and Safety

Five Tips for Choosing a Family-Friendly Community - Lamudi Philippines
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For large families, as well as those inclined on being active, large properties are what provide them ample room to move and play. Unfortunately, in highly urban areas like Metro Manila, it can be very difficult to find property that offers plenty of space and is reasonably priced.

As condominiums continue to rise in the region to meet the needs of the growing population, home-seekers’ best bet for space are developments with low-density communities. Mango Tree Residences, with only 10 suites per floor, stands out among other condominium developments as it allows occupants to sometimes forget they are in a high-rise by eliminating the cramped space typical in others.

In terms of safety, facilities and services such as fire sprinkler systems, power generator, the presence of a security staff and building administration, and comprehensive water supply services, must be a key consideration to ensure a place is ideal for the family.

5. Shopping

Five Tips for Choosing a Family-Friendly Community - Lamudi Philippines
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A trip to the shopping center is basically ingrained in the Filipino culture as a means for the family to bond and spend time together. Yet, with the traffic challenges constantly experience in the metro, sometimes the trip to the mall is not worth it.

By the community being close to significant shopping centers, not only is the modern-rendition of Filipino family bonding easier to do, families with active and growing children will also find it a little less challenging to keep their kitchens stocked with what their families need as the best supermarkets are a just a walk or short ride away.

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