Filipino Celebrity-Fans of Tiny Homes: 10 Essentials for Your Own Small House

The tiny house movement has gone big in the Philippines. Whenever we see them in online magazines or on our social media timelines, we can’t help but marvel at the incredible stories behind these small wonders. Some were built in less than three months. Others have luxurious features despite the limited space. 

Then, there are those that cost less than a hundred thousand pesos, and their maintenance doesn’t take a huge chunk off the household budget. This last one is the reason many think tiny houses are only for aspiring property owners who want to avoid huge monthly mortgage payments. What many don’t realize is that even celebrities and influencers are fans of tiny homes.

Celebrity-Fans of Tiny Homes

Here are some famous personalities who have adopted — or are keen on adopting — tiny house living:

Yeng Constantino

At first, the Kapamilya singer’s tiny home may look grand from the outside. But, in truth, it simply has features that make the residence appear bigger. The balcony that goes around the house is the most prominent detail, giving the illusion of more space. The place has all the makings of a perfect rustic sanctuaryanahaw roof, banig ceiling, rough wall and floor finish, and sliding barn door. 

The living room boasts a high ceiling and clerestory windows that let in lots of natural light. In the kitchen, you’ll find a glossy concrete counter. Meanwhile, the bedroom is propped up in a loft and equipped with several windows. If you’re thinking of building a tiny home in your farm lot, Yeng’s residence is an excellent peg.

Chynna Ortaleza

The television actress moved to their dream tiny home last year at the height of the pandemic. On Instagram, Chynna revealed that she had always wanted a house with a yard. With “plenty of prayers” and people who helped construct their home, her family was able to live in their ideal home. Now, she enjoys seeing her kids play outdoors.

At the time of the post, the Kapuso celebrity was preparing for a minimalist home, even reminding herself that she only needed one frying pan. If you’re keen on living in a tiny home, start adopting the minimalist lifestyle now. Start by decluttering your space. Donate the stuff you haven’t used in the last five months. For every pair of jeans or kitchen towel you buy, commit to tossing out one to avoid the pile-up of stuff at home. You’ll be more prepared for tiny house living when you get into the habit of a much simpler lifestyle. 

Kim Chiu

The chinita princess isn’t exactly a tiny house owner, but in one of her vlogs, she talked about being a fan of tiny house living shows and wanting to experience what it’s like being in one. So she rented a tiny home in San Francisco, California, which had wood accents all over the place. It sports a loft-style interior, maximizing the vertical space. Its smart layout, in fact, gave way to three sleeping areas. The rental is fully-furnished, complete with appliances, furniture pieces, and even utensils.

If you’re planning to join the tiny house movement but quite unsure if it’s a lifestyle you can sustain for years, try what Kim did: renting a house for yourself. Experience a day or two in a tiny house and take note of your impressions. From there, decide if you can embrace tiny house living.

Paula Peralejo

Last year, the former Filipina actress shared on Instagram that living in Boracay for two months made her rethink her living arrangements. She said a tiny home “suits her family well” because she doesn’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning or making it pretty. A tiny home promotes a less busy lifestyle, she added. The experience also compelled her to be more organized and keep things tidy at home.

Living in a tiny house is really life-changing. In the long run, the habits you form to fit the space you’re residing in contribute to a much simpler lifestyle. You have fewer chores to do, less stuff to clean, and more time for your loved ones.

Must-Haves for Your Tiny Home

If, like these celebrities, you’ve been convinced that going small is the lifestyle for you, the best way to prepare is to list down all the essentials for embracing tiny living. Remember, there’s not much you can bring to the space, so it’s important to be smart about what to buy or keep. 

Here are some things every owner of a tiny home must have:

On Furniture

Furniture will fill up rooms in your small home. Be careful not to overwhelm the space with too many pieces or bulky ones. Instead, go for these: 

  • Furniture with built-in storage. Choose beds and tables that come with pullout drawers or shelves so you can hide away stuff easily.
  • Multi-purpose furniture. Some couches can serve as storage chests, while shoe storage may be used as console table. These kinds of furniture lessen the need to bring more stuff into the small space.
  • Space-saving furniture. These include pieces that can be pulled out from a wall, folded, stacked, or collapsed. With these, you’ll be able to put them away without a hassle when they’re not in use and have more space in your tiny home.

On Fixtures

Most home fixtures may be small, but if you’re not careful in choosing them, they can overcrowd your tiny home. These are the fixtures you should prioritize:

  • Floating pieces. Keep the floor clear by using floating shelves and nightstands. The more floor space is visible, the bigger the room appears.
  • Strategically-placed lighting. A tiny space will look larger when it’s well-lit. Use different types lighting for different spaces in your home: chandeliers, pendants, sconces, and lamps.
  • More mirrors. These fixtures help reflect light and creates an optical illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is.
  • Vertical storage. Maximize the vertical space in your tiny home and make it a storage area. Install racks and shelves so you can avoid visual clutter overwhelming the small rooms.

On Appliances

Similar to furniture, appliances will take a lot of space in your tiny home. For this reason, they should be a a top consideration when maximizing rooms. Here are our recommendations when looking for appliances:

  • Space provision. If possible, when building your tiny home, include the appliances in your construction plans. Provide a space for the refrigerator and stove, for example.
  • Compact pieces. A lot of appliance brands in the Philippines have a specific line of compact home equipment, from refrigerators to cooktops down to washers and dryers.
  • Multi-purpose pieces. Similar to furnishings, there are appliances that can serve several functions. Modern rice cookers, for instance, can be used for other cooking functions, such as slow-cooking, stir-frying, and even baking.

Tiny house living is not just for .single professionals or starting families who have a strict homebuying budget. Even celebrities are fans of it. Perhaps it’s worth considering living in a tiny house yourself. 

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