Festivals to Add to Your Summer Bucketlist This April 2019

More than the beaches, mountains, waterfalls, and other summer destinations, there are also celebrations and festivals in the country you should check out this coming month.

Feel the heat yet? We’re finally back in the season of beach hopping, mountain hiking, and hanging out with the family while eating the favorite halo-halo or mais con yelo. What makes this season special is finally the excuse to go out, explore, and go on that long wanted “vacation.”

Simply check your social feed and you’d immediately see new spots to check out. But if you really want to try something out of the ordinary to make this little vacay special, you’ve come to the right place.

For an unforgettable summer, we highly recommend you include attending festivals around the Philippines in your bucket list. Experience our country in a different light, learn about the culture and tradition of each region, and above all, have fun. Filipinos host the best parties, and fiestas are one of them. Festivals in the Philippines occur all throughout the year depending on the location and celebration.

For the month of April, a lot is lined up for celebration. Here is a list of some of these events you should plot on your calendar:


Holy Week (April 14 to April 21)

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Held in Marinduque and also one of the famous and oldest religious festivals in the country is the Moriones Festival.

What to expect?

Witness a colorful street with performances that showcase the place’s story and culture. See the “Moriones” in action – these are men and women in costumes and Morion masks. In seven days during the Holy Week, the Moriones roam around the streets looking for Longinus, the Roman soldier who pierced Jesus in his side as he was hung on the cross.


April 27 to May 1, 2019

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Turumba Festival is another religious celebration of the people from Pakil, Laguna in honor of the seven sorrows of the Blessed Virgin of Turumba. It is said to be the longest religious festival in the country. What to expect?

A procession with dance while holding images of the Nuestra Senora delos Dolores de Turumba. Novenas are done every scheduled “Lupi” and then a dance procession follows. Enjoy the special kakanin and street foods of Pakil while watching the parade. Watch out for other mini-events such as band parade, a street dance competition, and Ginoo at Binibinig Pakil. Visit the Pakil Tourism, History, Culture and Arts-Turumba Festival Facebook Page for the full list of festival activities.


April 3 to April 14, 2019

Photo via Philippine Primer

Bangus is the country’s national fish and where will you find the best bangus in the country? It’s in Dagupan, Pangasinan! In fact, they have an annual festival to celebrate and promote the much-loved fish!

What to expect?

Expect a colorful street dance and parade. Concerts are also held for the locals and tourists to enjoy. They also conduct annual sports events, trade fairs, job caravans, and cooking competitions. The goal is to celebrate the abundant supply of their milkfish industry and to also promote camaraderie and creativity among the Pangasinense.


April 9-15, 2019

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Panaad is a Hiligaynon word which means “vow” or “promise.” It is an annual celebration in Bacolod City also known as Panaad Festival which the town calls as the “Mother of all its Festivals.”

In 2017, the Panaad Sa Negros became a Hall of Famer because of its third time in consecutive years to win the “Best Tourism Event in the Provincial Festival Category” award of the Association of Tourism Officers in the Philippines – Department of Tourism Pearl Awards.

What to expect?

Sports events, seminars, workshops, and forums for the people of Negros, fairs, trades, and exhibits are some of the daily activities to expect in the weeklong celebration. The celebration will end with a drumbeating competition, a fireworks display, and a band concert.

See the full schedule of the festival here.


April 26-28, 2019

Photo via Jude Bautista

This is a nationwide festival-competition that features the best of the best in the country when it comes to street dancing, float parade, and beauty contest. Also called the “Festival of the Festivals,” expect it to be a venue for shoppers for they also have a grand bazaar during the celebration.

Check the official website of Aliwan Fiesta for updates on the schedule of activities.

There you have it! Which festivals are you planning to take part in? Let us know in the comments!

Sources: Philippine Primer, Gov PH

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