Timeless Elegant Exterior Paint Colors for a Small Bungalow House

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One of the essential things in home maintenance is exterior paint. It might take a lot of time and effort to paint the outside of your house. Maintaining the outside of your property in good shape and fresh is an excellent method to protect or boost its value. A professional paint job on your house is worthwhile. However, constantly getting the exterior of your house repainted can be a bit expensive. 

Although a paint job may increase a house’s value, it may be difficult for bungalows. Bungalows have been around since the 1860s, making it challenging to give them a modern look. But despite its classic structure, you can still modernize it by using timeless exterior paints. 

Whatever color scheme you choose and whether you want to go traditional or a little more daring, your bungalow will stand out and be protected from the weather. Here are timeless exterior paint colors for bungalow houses.

Exterior Paint Color Ideas for a Bungalow House

Timeless Elegant Exterior Paint Colors for a Small Bungalow House


Instead of a standard gray exterior paint color, choose a calming blue-gray paint. This color is ideal for homes close to water since it can evoke a calm, nautical mood. Blue-grey exterior paint colors are also very complementary. Once you’re done painting, your home will feel complete and unique. It’s practically peace in a can, making it the ideal option for busy families.

Earth Greens

Earth greens are a great choice for exterior paint colors for a bungalow, with a soothing color that melds seamlessly with your existing landscaping. Additionally, it looks fantastic with outdoor furniture and wood accessories. Earth green paint also suits dark or light-colored wooden fixtures.

Millennial Pink

For a bungalow house that truly stands out, choose a millennial pink exterior paint color for your bungalow. This gentle rose tint is ideal for individuals who want to experiment with a lively color while maintaining a neutral, clean, minimalistic look. As a result, it may easily complement any other colors and settings. Additionally, it is frequently found on beachfront bungalows, giving the area a lovely and breezy beachy feel. Pair your pink-hued walls with blue doors and windows, with white windowsills and thresholds to resemble the houses in Greece.

Mustard Yellow

Yellow may seem like a pretty daring color option for the exterior paint of your bungalow, but when used properly, it is incredibly adaptable. Any home located in the tropics will benefit from the sunny, cheerful feeling that deep, mustard yellows may create. It complements deep, rich chestnut browns and whites wonderfully.


Searching for a contemporary twist on a plain brown exterior? Choose a terracotta-inspired color. This era-defining tone from the 1980s has made a welcome comeback in recent years. Because of the crimson undertones, it conveys warmth, safety, and security—all things you want to find in your house. A terracotta exterior paint for a bungalow house is better than regular brown because it adds warmth without looking too imposing or intimidating.


Add flair to your outside paintwork without utilizing bright colors with beige exterior paint. While many think beige is dull, your bungalow’s exterior will look more upscale if you add dark-hued tones to the design. It looks nice with various hues and is warm and adaptable. A beige-tan exterior paint job might also make your bungalow appear bigger if it is on the smaller side.

Exterior Paint Color Combinations for a Bungalow House

Timeless Elegant Exterior Paint Colors for a Small Bungalow House

Tone on Tone

A lovely harmonizing technique to support an eye-catching door, limestone walkway, or slate roof is to use several tones of the same color. Try using many tones of the same color on the home and trim rather than a single hue.

Black and White

Nothing screams more classic than using a black-and-white exterior paint color for a bungalow house. White adds contrast and creates a sense of equilibrium, while black draws attention to the architectural style and goes well with outdoor areas. With this combination, your house can exude a quaint country home or elegant mansion vibe.

White and Warm Tones

Warm colors create a friendly, inviting atmosphere at the curb. You can use a warm beige exterior paint coupled with white windowsills. This may be common in most subdivisions, but it is one of the most timeless and charming color combinations.

Regardless of your choice, these exterior paint colors are perfect if you are considering giving your house a facelift. A good coat of paint will not only fix problems and add value to your home but also help you spot bigger problems that you might not have otherwise seen. Regardless, you hit two birds with one stone by giving your home a new paint job.

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