Getting Fit After the Holidays: 5 Easy DIY Workout Equipment Projects to Do at Home

The holiday season is always a time to relax and enjoy your favorite meals with the people you love. But now that festivities are over, you don’t have to feel guilty about skipping your diet or workout routine. Post-holiday recovery is possible, and now is the time to get back on the fitness track.

With limited access to gyms, exercising at home is the new normal. While you can do basic exercises, you may also use equipment to upgrade your workout regimen and see further gains. No equipment? No problem. You can DIY your way to fitness with these homemade workout equipment projects. 

3-Step DIY Hand Weights

Hand weights, also known as dumbbells, are among the most popular equipment for strength training exercises. If you don’t have one or you want to get creative, you can make your own weights using plastic water bottles and a thick curtain rod.

The steps are simple:

  1. Fill the plastic bottles with water. Two 1.5-liter water bottles are equal to 6.6 pounds.
  2. Place the bottles inside an eco-bag.
  3. Make sure you have two eco-bags with two 1.5-liter water bottles each.

After the third step, you can already lift the bags as if you’re lifting a dumbbell in each hand. To add a challenge, get a thick curtain rod and hang the bags on both ends of the rod. It should look like a barbell but lighter.

Kettlebell Backpack

A kettlebell can be heavier than a standard dumbbell, but this time, you don’t need to lift more water bottles to replicate a kettlebell’s weight. The alternative? A kettlebell backpack that you can hold and swing. By repeatedly making a simple swing motion, you can build strength and tone your muscles.  

To make this equipment, simply fill a backpack with canned goods, small bricks, or other heavy items until you reach your desired weight. The second and final step is to wrap a towel around the items so they won’t move around when you make swings. 

Resistance Pants (Bands)

A resistance band is one of the most convenient pieces of equipment to hit the world of fitness. It’s versatile too, allowing you to improve mobility and tone up the body. You’ve probably seen elastic, flat, and tubular bands for sale online, but you can easily make one right at home.

Just look for unused stretchable pants at home (hint: leggings) or another clothing item with similar fabric. Cut one leg off the pants, tie both ends, and you’re done. Place it around your ankles and adjust the knot to increase or decrease the resistance band intensity. You can also attach the band to a metal handle and perform standing rows or bicep curls.

Punching Bag Made of Old Jeans

Got unused denim pants? You can also turn them into a punching bag and engage yourself in a full-body workout. Other required materials include a piece of PVC pipe or a carton roll, old rags, sand, and a rope. 

What you need to do:

  1. Cut one leg off the jeans and sew or wire its bottom end together.
  2. Insert the pipe or carton roll into the jean leg and stuff the outside gaps with old rags.
  3. Fill the pipe or carton roll with sand and tie everything together with a rope.

Agility Ladder

Train like an athlete with a homemade agility ladder. As the name implies, this equipment helps improve your ability to move quickly while challenging your balance and coordination. There are different ways to create an agility ladder, and here are the easiest ones: 

  • Using an old yoga mat and duct tape: Simply lay out the mat on the floor and make three boxes or “rungs” using duct tape. With this equipment, you can perform a lateral push-up walk. 
  • Using the right tape: Find a flat surface inside your home, preferably one where you can do workouts without disruptions. For wooden or painted floors, use tape that won’t ruin the surface. Get some scissors, snip, and create a ladder made of tape. You can make one that’s 11 feet long (8 rungs) or 20 feet long (12 rungs).  

With these easy DIY exercise equipment projects, there’s no excuse to delay your back-to-fitness journey. Take it slow, have fun, and move your way to a healthy lifestyle

Photos via Unsplash


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