Do it While It’s Hot: 9 Fun Things to Do Before the Summer Ends

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Our summers may have gotten progressively hotter but there’s no denying that the charm of the season is still well and alive. The beaches, the out-of-town trips, and the staycations in hotels seem to be sweeter during this three-month period of nonstop warmth. But in the blink of an eye, summertime is now drawing to close. However, there’s no reason to feel bummed out, as there are still a lot of ways for us to make the most out of what is left of our favorite season.

With that, we’ve rounded a whole new bucket list for you to complete before the summer ends. They might not all be outdoor adventures, but we guarantee unadulterated fun nonetheless!

Finish a book

Wouldn’t it be nice to close off the season by reading the last page of the book you’ve been meaning to finish for so long? Besides, reading is one of the most fulfilling activities a person can do so it might add a point in your internal feel-good bank.

Go on one last beach trip

While beaches are all-year-long for beach bums, hitting the waves and walking along the shore is definitely better under the summer sun. Hit the nearest resort with your friends and family one last time. Savor it because you won’t be able to get that bronzed tan until next summer.

Try something new

Apart from traveling, summer is also perfect for trying new things and picking up a skill. Have you always wanted to learn to surf? Always wanted to try extreme sports? How about a food you have been dying to eat? Now is the time to give it a go!

Throw an ihaw-ihaw party

Filipinos are crazy about grilling. If we could, we’d probably grill anything! But a get-together ihaw-ihaw favorites like barbeque, isaw, betamax paired with good friends, a nice backyard, and bottles of cold beer sound like an absolute treat!

Start a garden

If you enjoy cooking for yourself and your loved ones, imagine how much more satisfying it would be to grow your food yourself. You can even grow flowers if you want! Work with whatever space you have and what sort of plants would grow best in that condition. Attending to your garden, however small or big it is, can be calming and therapeutic.

Bike or explore your village

If you’re a fan of biking, or just have a bike lying around the house, maybe now is the time to take it out for a spin around your village. You can also do this on foot so you could take the time to observe your own neighborhood. It’s a great way to get to know the members of your community.

Play board games

This is something you can do after the ihaw-ihaw is over with. Huddle in the living room, lay down your favorite board game and engage in competitively play for hours on end.

Watch a gig or go to one last summer music festival

This is the season of music festivals so if you’re a music lover, going to one could be the highlight of your summer. But if you don’t fancy the large music festival crowd, catching a gig of your favorite band at a local bar is your next best option.

Go hiking and camping

Enjoying the great outdoors is always a good idea. Grabbing the old tent and sleeping bag, trekking can be a liberating and refreshing experience—not to mention great exercise!

The best thing about the summer is that there are numerous things you can do. At the end of it all, what’s important is to enjoy yourself. Have fun under the summer sun while you still can!

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