What Developers Consider when Building for the Filipino Lifestyle

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What The Outlook Awards celebrated on November 14, 2019, at the Makati Shangri-La is more than just the developments that shaped Philippine real estate and elevated the country to be at par with its Southeast Asian neighbors.

What Lamudi, together with its co-presenters Philippine Daily Inquirer Property and Holcim, successfully celebrated with the real estate leaders in attendance, is the fellowship that bonds some of the biggest developers in the country with the boutique and up-and-coming companies that have risen to the challenge of building for a modernized Philippines. 

Homes that reflect Filipino values

The awards might have been categorized for different types of developments and regions in the Philippines, but they all bear the same weight in terms of naming the properties and developers that have been chosen by the judges and 10,000 property seekers through a survey. No matter the award won, each winner is now held to a higher standard, as they are heralded the leaders in their respective categories in pushing real estate forward. 

And by forward, we don’t mean just grand developments in large expanses of land, with the best materials and the trendiest designs. In the Philippines, the purpose of a development is important to property seekers. Is it in line with their lifestyle? Will it elevate their quality of living? Will it allow them a place where they can truly be themselves at the end of the day? And more importantly, will it be something they can proudly invite their friends and family into? 

When Filipino developers build, they do not just build for themselves or for their immediate target market. They know that underneath the changing lifestyle requirements of Filipinos are unchanging values of generosity and hospitality, which makes homes more than just a family’s residence. The home is one that, no matter how grand or humble, lets homeowners shine as hosts and members of the family. 

In Luzon, the Best Affordable House, Avida Southfield Settings NUVALI by Avida Land Corporation, allows homeowners a chance to live in the home of their dreams, whether they choose to live a simple, stress-free life or want to explore the vicinity around them. The Best Premium House in Luzon, The Peak by Filinvest Land, Inc., on the other hand, gives homeowners the opportunity to live a more upscale lifestyle. 

The Best House in Visayas and Mindanao, Amoa by AboitizLand, Inc., is where families looking for a “modern Filipino home” can plan their future in a bustling city while still remembering the days of bahay-na-bato in history. 

And then there’s the Best Mixed-Use Development in Visayas and Mindanao, The Mactan Newtown by Megaworld Corporation, which showcases not just the home where families can rest after a long day, but also enjoy beachfront views, leisure amenities, and a vibrant neighborhood that will be a sight to behold for guests or visiting relatives.  

Making the Philippines resilient–one development at a time

For decades, the Philippines has taken to its rich natural resources without much mind about what their depletion will mean for the country. For decades, climate change has also been escalating, and even then, experts already predicted it would be the most vulnerable and least-prepared countries that will face its wrath full force. Today, the Philippines stands square in the middle of some of the strongest natural calamities the country has experienced, but we now also have some of the most resilient structures built to protect our property seekers and owners. 

Developers knew the problems the Philippines would be facing, and thankfully, they have decided to look past cost-cutting measures in favor of developments that can and will stay standing no matter the challenge. 

Three E-Com Center, the winner of the Best Green Project, is SM Prime Holdings, Inc.’s standing reminder that the Philippines can create world-class developments without compromising sustainability. The Best Mixed-Use Development in Luzon, Hamilo Coast by Costa del Hamilo, Inc., is also an environment-conscious development that promotes social sustainability efforts. 

Camaraderie, reimagined

One of the most enviable qualities of Filipinos is bayanihan, roughly translated to the phrase “no one is left behind.” This shines through when we are facing our darkest times, from floods in Luzon to earthquakes in Mindanao. As Filipinos, we put our nation, community, and family at the heart of everything we do. And it makes sense: bayan, after all, is the root of the word bayanihan, which can also be explained as camaraderie. 

If you look at it in a modern way, the sharing economy is the 21st-century version of bayanihan. Co-living and co-working spaces allow young employees, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to get their respective tasks done without traffic and other factors ruining their work-life balance or workflow

The Best Co-Living Space, MyTown Co-Living Hubs from Philippines Urban Living Solutions, Inc., shows its residents that within the same building, one can gain friends, learn, and relax. Meanwhile, the  Best Co-Working Space, Acceler8 from UnionSPACE, fosters the sense of community in like-minded entrepreneurs and employees who need a place where they can focus on getting the job done–without feeling isolated. 

It is important that we highlight qualities like this in our people when we hold events such as The Outlook Awards. Being the Philippine Buyers’ Choice Property Awards is not just a mission for Lamudi; it is a reflection of the qualities that make Filipinos thrive and survive no matter the challenging climates we are facing. Guests donning their very best modern Filipiniana outfits is also a way to keep in touch with their roots, no matter how global their upbringing may be. 

Every person with Filipino roots knows the family-centric values we are taught at a young age. And even as we build for the Filipino people, these same values shine.


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