Where’s the Money Corner in Your Home and How to Design It for Prosperity?

The widely celebrated Chinese New Year is coming up. Are you ready to attract wealth this 2022? You know the drill: clean up your home, prepare lucky eats, and wear something red.

But if you want to further boost your good fortune, you can also design your home for prosperity. This involves two things. First, finding the wealth corner of your home. And second, placing certain objects in that area to attract the energy of wealth.

Here’s how you can achieve these:

Locating Your Own Wealth Area

According to feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of creating a harmonious space, the southeast section of your home (and every room of your home) is the wealth corner. The southeast area also represents prosperity and abundance in bagua, an energy map that helps in evaluating an environment’s energy field.

The easiest way to locate your money corner is through the front door method. Simply stand at the main front door, looking inward. Find the farthest left corner from your position—that’s your wealth corner. You can further simplify this by locating the far left area of your bedroom or home office.

Another way is to imagine a three-by-three grid laid over your floor plan. This grid represents the bagua map, which is divided into eight areas around a center. Again, the far left area is your wealth corner. Using this guide, you can also determine your home’s “career corner”, which is considered a secondary wealth corner since it’s related to success at work.

Letting the Abundance In

Now that you’ve found your money area, the next step is to understand what’s happening there. Is it cluttered? Is it a room you don’t use often? Are there broken items? Feng shui experts claim that these issues may appear as financial woes in your life. For example, if your wealth corner is cluttered, money in your life might not be sufficient or financial confusion could be present.

In this case, you need to declutter your wealth corner. Remove all items no longer serving their purpose or reflecting your financial status. After all, the Chinese New Year is about removing the old and welcoming the new.

Once you’ve given the area a good scrub, consciously decorate with the following elements:

Wood and Water

The wood element is associated with the feng shui wealth corner. It’s strong yet flexible—the way we want our finances, so we can deal with any situation. Meanwhile, water nourishes wood, making it a must-have element in the money corner. 

You can decorate with art depicting wood or trees or add woody plants to spur the growth of your finances. Bringing the outdoors into your home also provides other benefits to your overall well-being. As for the water element, introduce it to your wealth corner by adding a water feature with an infinite loop, a well-maintained fish tank, or a portrait of ocean waves and rapids. 


Like water, light enhances the wood element. This means you have to ensure that your wealth area is well-lit. If you have a window in this section, you won’t have trouble letting the light in. Otherwise, you can use a table lamp or a floor lamp with a wooden base. Symbolism can be powerful in feng shui, so avoid having a low-suspended light fixture hanging from a ceiling of your wealth corner. 

Something Purple 

The feng shui color connected to prosperity, wealth, and royalty is purple. Since it’s a highly charged tone, you can use it to accentuate a room or corner. Add this element through a few art objects or a vase for fresh flowers. Pantone’s color of the year, Very Peri, would go well with the southeast corner of your space, and you can use this tone even without painting your walls. 

These are just some tips you can follow to prepare your home for the Chinese New Year. Remember that prosperity can appear in your life in many different ways. Besides a good flow of money, it can also manifest as relationship, self-care, and spiritual abundance. 

And while it feels good to have luck on your side, there’s no harm in taking your own step to achieve financial success through hard work and wise investment choices.

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