How Co-Living Helps Your Employees in a Time of Crisis

While the community quarantine has shut down almost all business operations and tucked away people into work-from-home mode, there remains a portion of the workforce still going to the office. If you’re part of the essential services and the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector, things are “business as usual” for you, save for the heightened sanitation protocols that need to be followed. 

Companies have stepped up their efforts to make going to work easier and safer for employees. Some have provided shuttle services, while others have become more lenient in terms of working hours. Then, there are those who took it up a notch, providing accommodations for employees themselves. The most common choice? Co-living spaces. 

The popular dorm-condo University Pad Residences (UPad) has proven itself to be very helpful to temporary residents. Opening its doors to companies looking for accommodations during this pandemic, the co-living space makes a big difference in the following ways:

There is Free Shuttle Service Going to Work

It’s a real struggle for workers to go to the office today because there’s no public transport available. Even if there is, the risk of catching infections in trains, buses, or vans is high. Out of fear and precaution, people simply refuse to go to work, making job fulfillment a serious concern for the HR department. For employees accommodated in co-living spaces, there’s no need to worry about transportation because the buildings are close to workplaces. Workers can simply take the free shuttle to get to nearby offices. 

Launching the campaign #YourNewHome, UPad encourages people to live near their place of work. Its two branches are in strategic locations, one in P. Ocampo, along Taft Avenue, and the other in P. Campa, which is near España. Employees working in Malate, Ermita, Pasay, and Quezon City can especially benefit from staying in these co-living spaces with a free shuttle service. 

If your business is based in these locations, it’s worth considering providing co-living accommodations to your teams. Embrace the #newnormal in business, taking the hassle out of going to work. 

Employees Can Protect Their Mental Health

The coronavirus pandemic has brought physical health concerns, that’s a given. On top of that, mental and emotional health has also taken a downward spiral. In isolation, people have experienced bouts of loneliness and depression. Cabin fever has never been so real. Ironically, the cure, which is to go out, is equally a health risk. Your employees aren’t immune to this.

In co-living spaces, residents don’t have to give up leisure. Dorm-condos have amenities dwellers can use to shake off feelings of seclusion and sadness. This means your employees can keep a sound mind and calm spirit in the midst of all this chaos when they’re given the right accommodations.

In UPad, for instance, residents can take a quick dip or a few laps at the swimming pool. They can get into a new workout routine at the gym to pump up those happy hormones and boost the immune system. In the prayer room, they can take as much time as they need for a peaceful meditation session. After work, your employees can go on a Zoom call with their loved ones using the co-living space’s WiFi services. 

All of these leisure activities can help in shaking off your team members’ cabin fever blues. Remember, #yournewhome for employees shouldn’t just protect their physical health, but their mental and emotional well-being as well.

Employees Reduce Their Risk of Infection

The last thing you want is to have an employee who catches the coronavirus infection. As much as you can, you protect them, encouraging them to wear masks or disinfect their work areas. When you provide co-living accommodations for them, you get to extend that blanket of protection because you know that these buildings follow strict sanitation protocols.

UPad observes disinfection policies on their premises, as they’re committed to cleanliness. They have stationed alcohol dispensers in the reception area, allowing residents to sanitize hands upon entry. They implement routine clean-ups of common areas in the building to make sure that surfaces are free of disease-causing viruses. Moreover, they constantly release health bulletins so that residents are well-informed about the coronavirus situation. 

All these are meant to prevent infections. This gives both employees and employers peace of mind.

The #newnormal during this coronavirus pandemic, and possibly beyond, is taking extra precautions to protect the team from infections. Take your assistance efforts up a notch by providing co-living accommodations for your employees. In the long run, you will never regret investing in your team’s well-being.

If you’re a freelance broker, take advantage of the incentives UPad offers to professionals who are able to secure corporate clients.


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