Why Visual Content is King in Real Estate Marketing

Visuals are powerful marketing tools in the real estate industry. Before the rise of digital platforms, property seekers turned to brochures containing beautiful spreads of houses and amenities to decide whether or not a piece of real estate was worth buying. Now, with the popularity of online search and social media, images remain to be a compelling piece of marketing material. 

Thus, real estate professionals who want to sell more and fast must include eye-catching, professional-looking visuals in their marketing strategy. Beyond mere images, visuals include infographics, videos, slideshows, and more. Here are a few reasons you should dedicate time and resources to visual content marketing:

They Instantly Capture People’s Attention

Our eyes are naturally drawn to visuals. Photos and videos are among the first things people notice when they scroll through posts on their timelines. Similarly, it’s what people check out on a listing before referring to the description. 

On the Lamudi platform, images are especially prominent because they are featured in the listing results. Moreover, the photo section is above the fold of the actual listing, occupying a huge chunk of the upper portion of the page. Thus, if you want to instantly capture property seekers’ attention whether on social media or listing platforms, you should use excellent visuals. Post professionally-taken photos if possible. Add videos to your Lamudi listing to further entice buyers and renters to check out the property.

They Give a Good Remote Property Tour

The reason we provide a great description for our property listings is to help future clients imagine what the property is like. With visual content, it’s easier to do this. In fact, photos can give seekers a “property tour,” which can make them decide to book an actual one with you.

Be guided by this tour concept when shooting property photos and videos. The overarching principle you should remember is to highlight the best parts and characteristics of the property, the ones you think buyers and renters would want to see when they are on an actual tour. By keeping these in mind, you’ll be able to include in your shot list all the important real estate details worth highlighting in your listing and social media materials. 

They Are Shareable (And Have the Potential to Go Viral)

Research says that visual content gets more social media engagement than a text-only post. The engagement is not limited to likes and reactions, but also extends to shares. This is why photos and videos have the potential to go viral. For sure, the idea of a house tour video raking in a million views isn’t new to you. It goes without saying that shareability hinges on the quality of the visual content.

How do you make sure that your visual content is shareable? Start with the straightforward question, “what would make property seekers share this?” Usually, the answer to this lies in your target market’s lifestyles, interests, goals and aspirations, and values. If you can bring that out in your property photos and videos, you have a better chance of having people share it. 

On Lamudi, property seekers have the option to share the actual listing on their social media profiles.

They Are Easier on the Brain

Visual content is much easier to process than texts since the information is often broken down into bits and pieces. At the same time, the fonts, colors, icons, and symbols aid understanding. That said, use infographics, slideshows, or videos for content that involves a huge amount of information. Some good examples of topics are learnings from a conference you attended, takeaways from a property market report, and your own insights and observations of real estate trends. 

They Are Great at Telling a Story

Aside from showing off the good parts of the property you’re selling, visual content can express details and tell stories that are only best told when captured in an image. An example is the vintage character of a historic property. It’s easier for clients to appreciate the unique quality of a home and imagine the story behind it when it’s in a photo or video. Another example is an ultra-luxury property that has exquisite finishes and materials. These details are best displayed in visual content.

Visual content is king in real estate marketing. If you want to know about the best practices for using this type of content in your selling initiatives, attend Lamudi Academy’s training sessions focused on online marketing strategies.

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