Adopting Contactless Strategies for Marketing Rental Properties

The rental market is on the upswing, driven by the new normal of work amid the pandemic. According to the trend report published by Lamudi last August, businesses and professionals go for rental properties near the workplace and transport hubs to reduce the risk of exposure and cope with the travel restrictions. With more offices set to reopen as the vaccination program continues, rental interest will likely grow further in the next few months.

“Given the new preferences of today’s renters, real estate brokers must pay close attention to the health and safety features of their properties. More importantly, they should rethink marketing, the manner in which they introduce rental spaces to the market,” Lamudi CEO Kenneth Stern said.

A property that promotes the well-being of occupants is important, but the way tenants will discover such a property should be a consideration as well. In other words, a rental process that considers the health and safety of tenants is as important as the actual rental property.

Going Contactless

As the pandemic required physical distancing protocols and community quarantine measures, the rental industry experienced accelerated digitalization. Going contactless has been the new normal. 

Prior to the pandemic, flyering and giving a sales pitch face to face was the most common method of getting the word out about properties for rent. But when the crisis struck and malls and other public spaces shut down, agents turned to digital platforms as property seekers went online as well. Agents listed rental spaces in online real estate marketplaces, such as Lamudi. In turn, these platforms offered plenty of opportunities for brokers to promote.

Last August 2021, Lamudi introduced the Unlimited Rental Listings offer, which allowed real estate brokers to upload as many rental listings as they wanted until October 31 for as low as P799 a month. Subscribing to Lamudi, property specialists are able to access the Agent Portal Dashboard, a tool that helps professionals stay on top of the inquiries they receive. 

To support the contactless marketing initiatives of brokers, Lamudi has extended the Unlimited Rental Listings offer until the end of the year, December 31.

This isn’t the first time the real estate platform provided contactless marketing solutions to real estate agents. A few months into the first community quarantine policy implemented in 2020, Lamudi launched its Modified Enhanced Listing Offer, which allowed brokers to post 50 ready-for-occupancy and rental listings on the platform for free. The platform saw a significant growth of rental listings at the time, an indication that brokers were adopting the new normal of contactless marketing.

Adopting Tech in Real Estate

Going contactless in marketing rental properties entails using different technologies. Next to online listing websites, virtual tours have been the most popular marketing tool amid the pandemic. The convenience of these kinds of property showings entices renters. Without having to step out of their homes, they can explore the features of the rental space they are eyeing. At the same time, they are able to avoid the health risks involved in going outside. 

Moreover, property seekers are able to go on a home walkthrough at their most convenient schedule. They can spend as much time as they want in a particular space in the rental home. Amid a global health crisis, this level of convenience is possible through innovative technologies today. Using virtual tours in the brokerage practice, especially for properties for rent, can help attract future tenants.

Although virtual tours have seen popularity these days, both local property seekers and brokers acknowledge that nothing can replace actual, physical inspection of properties. But even in face-to-face showings, the trend now is to go contactless. Some real estate agents use the quick response (QR) code technology for different purposes. 

Instead of handing out business cards or flyers that contain property information, brokers direct clients to QR codes in their posters. Others use the technology for contact tracing during scheduled viewings. All of these QR applications avoid physical contact with clients, which makes the rental tour process more convenient, and more importantly, safer for all parties involved.

Going contactless is the new normal for marketing rental properties. For more information about such strategies and Lamudi’s unlimited rental listings offer, visit

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