A Condo with a Taste of Abroad: Ideal Investment for OFWs

“Invest in real estate.” This is one of the timeless financial advice overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) get every so often. A property is a tangible asset. It’s the ultimate token of success for Filipinos who worked long and hard abroad. It’s the best reward to come home to and to call your own. 

It’s also a stable asset. It appreciates in value over time, especially when it’s in a prime location. Most importantly, a property is a profitable asset. Whether you sell or rent it out, you can have excellent gains. 

While the perks are there, buying a property requires a lot of our hard-earned savings. This is why it’s important to choose wisely among options. If your long-term plan involves the last benefit mentioned above, which is to sell or rent out, a condominium should be at the top of your consideration. Attracting parents of college students, young and seasoned professionals, and starting families, this type of property can generate promising returns.

One emerging condo development in the capital city makes a good candidate for an excellent investment, as it promotes the best of modern, vertical living. But more than that, it features international touches that could be symbolic for you as an OFW. 

An Ode to OFW Sacrifices

Kizuna Heights, a 42-story condominium in Taft Avenue in Manila, hosts over a thousand condo units designed with unique, foreign-inspired interiors. Its name is a Japanese term that refers to the bond or connection between two people. The modern vertical community is a project of top local property developer Vista Residences and the renowned Japanese real estate brand, Mitsubishi Estate Co. Ltd. The name of the project encapsulates the partnership between its property developers. 

For what it stands for, Kizuna can be reminiscent of the relationships OFWs built in the foreign land they’ve worked at for years. This camaraderie with colleagues has carried them through the hardest and the happiest of times, from homesickness to the homecoming, and everything in between. 

Photo via Vista Residences

More than the name, the distinct interiors of Kizuna Heights represent the go-getter lifestyle of OFWs. The Japanese-style condo living in this vertical community is ikigai. Iki means life, while gai refers to value or worth. Taken together, the ikigai lifestyle is about living a life of purpose or finding a reason for living. 

When it comes to having a clear sense of purpose, OFWs are among the most determined and dedicated professionals. Leaving the country and enduring the challenges of working abroad, they strive hard to provide the best life for their families. An investment in a condominium that promotes a determined lifestyle is symbolic of the way of life you’ve always lived.

A Profitable Investment

Kizuna Heights is an ideal investment because of the potential returns it can offer. Its strategic location makes for a desirable address. Situated in Taft Avenue, this condo for sale in Manila attracts various property seekers, from young students enrolled in academic institutions around the University Belt to corporate professionals working in Quezon City, Makati, and other central business districts nearby.  In case you decide to sell or rent this condo in Manila, you can expect a large pool of potential buyers and tenants.

The strategic location of Kizuna Heights will allow future residents to benefit from ongoing and proposed infrastructure projects around the area, including MRT-7, Manila Subway, and the LRT-1 Cavite Extension.

The amenities around the condo complex also add value to your property investment. People are willing to pay a premium to get access to recreational facilities that elevate the modern lifestyle. The leisure spaces featured in Kizuna Heights include a swimming pool, a gym, and a function hall.

Choose a vertical community that has exciting amenities, such as those featured in Kizuna Heights. (Artist’s Illustration)

Designed with Japanese-inspired interiors, the studio and one-bedroom condo units offer a residential oasis for future occupants. From the excellent location to the exciting amenities and well-curated units, Kizuna Heights makes for the ideal property investment.

Own a smartly designed condo unit in Kizuna Heights. (Artist’s Illustration)

A property is a tangible, stable, and profitable asset worth investing in. As you work hard overseas, let your hard-earned savings work for you.

If you want to know more about the pre-selling condo units at Kizuna Heights by Vista Residences, visit the development page here.


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