Bigger Home or Better Lifestyle? Here’s How to Get Both

Life as we know it is drastically changing because of the pandemic. In one sweeping move, almost everyone learned to work from home, shop online, and be more attentive to their overall health. But more noticeable is how people view their homes in the time of COVID-19.

All the time you’ve spent at home, it’s not unusual to think whether it’s the place where you can live through the pandemic. Social distancing and isolation protocols clearly call for ample floor space. And once again, many are rethinking the question: is having a bigger home better? 

According to Lamudi’s special report One Year Later: Are Property Seekers Buying Again, homebuyers showed interest in houses with open areas and multi-purpose spaces three weeks after the country’s first lockdown. More interestingly, seekers were looking for bigger houses outside the metro, signaling their readiness for a lifestyle change.

Indeed, size and lifestyle are among the most important considerations when finding a new home. But you don’t have to pick between a bigger home and a better lifestyle because you can have both. The following points will show you how:

Find Where Urban and Suburban Elements Meet

For the right blend of suburban feel and urban convenience, the key is to explore outside Metro Manilabut don’t go too far. Laguna is a perfect example. The South has always been an ideal place to live because it allows you to enjoy life away from busyness and congestion while maintaining access to the country’s central business districts.

In Biñan, Laguna, Brentville International Community takes the crown for a well-balanced urban-suburban living. The 54-hectare haven is minutes away from the Mamplasan Exit of South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX), making it accessible from popular metropolitan areas and leisure destinations in Southern Luzon.

Consider Living in a Self-Sufficient Community

Being in a self-sufficient home environment is likewise important if you’re all about achieving a better lifestyle. But what exactly makes a self-sufficient community? 

First, access to a full suite of essential facilities. The community of Brentville, again, makes a strong example. It is home to the prestigious Brent International School, an institution for your future kids’ educational needs. The community also boasts of having a  4.4-hectare Village Front, a centrally-located commercial hub where you can get the necessities and more.  

Second, a self-sufficient community is one where you can find common spaces and recreational facilities that support an active lifestyle. Brentville doesn’t cut short when it comes to these features either, presenting well-crafted clubhouses, pools, and playgrounds surrounded by inspiring greenery. In a nutshell, it’s a place of enduring value because everything you need is practically here.

Go for World-Class Standards 

A common but still sound piece of advice: never settle for less. In this case, consider finding a bigger home in a community with international standards. It goes beyond having top-of-the-line amenities and complete facilities. A world-class community also has upscale properties designed with flexibility in mind. These can include single-detached homes that can adjust to your needs, and spacious lots for those who wish to build their houses from the ground up.

A world-class community is also an inclusive one. Brentville, for example, has eight residential clusters that can accommodate the various preferences of the upscale market. Its newest cluster, The Arborage, is the idyllic spot to raise a family. With its lot sizes appropriate and perfect for starting families, this nature-inspired pocket community promises a life of comfort and serenity amid and beyond the pandemic. 

Another sought-after residential cluster within Brentville is the ready-for-occupancy Prominence II. It offers a mix of townhomes and single-detached units with a Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT). This makes the cluster ideal for foreign buyers seeking homes that are bigger than typical condo setups. The cluster also appeals to retirees looking to downsize or settle in an integrated community, thanks to its compact yet homey units. Accredited by the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA), Prominence II is one of the prime developments shaping the country as a retirement haven.    

Buy With the Future in Mind

Finally, look into the future before you make a big-ticket purchase. Are you and your family ready to leave the big city for good? Is the need for extra space likely to become imminent? Are you ready for bigger responsibilities on housing costs and maintenance? 

Answering yes to all these questions points you towards getting a bigger home outside the metro. And while you’re in the process of doing so, consider property options in a mixed-use community like Brentville. The village is a fusion of commercial and residential structures that will increase your future home’s livability, and in turn, its overall value. Remember, buy with the future in mind; this includes the potential value of your home a few years from now.

Ready to find a bigger home and lead a better lifestyle? Explore your property options here.


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