Best Designs for Small Houses and Apartments

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Living in a small house or apartment? Follow these simple tips to make the most of your space

Tight quarters? No problem! Contrary to what some people might think, small houses and apartments are easier—and more delightful—to decorate and refurbish than bigger homes. Little changes can make a huge impact on your home’s aesthetics, plus rearrangements here and there can do wonders. Maintenance is a lot easier, too.

The important thing when it comes to a small home design is to strategize and carefully select the furniture and fixtures you will use in order to maximize every square inch of space. To help you out with that, we rounded up some tips that may be of help in decorating your small home.

1. Lighten up

Best Designs for Small Houses and Apartments - Lamudi Philippines
Lighter and softer hues can make your home look airy and more spacious. Photo via IngImage

Softer hues make your room look more spacious since light bounces back better on bright-colored paint. So basically, the lighter the color (it does not always have to be white, though) the bigger your home can feel.

To maximize this effect, you can also match your curtains and furniture with whatever paint color you pick, and voila, instant class. When picking curtains though, try to get those made with softer fabrics that do not look too busy. Thick curtains with heavy prints can make your windows look over-decorated, so stick to those in solid color or with simple patterns.

2. Shelves Are Important

Best Designs for Small Houses and Apartments - Lamudi Philippines
Shelves can maximize previously unutilized wall space. Photo via IngImage

Some homeowners tend to forget that shelves are not limited to bookshelves or those bulky display cabinets that showcase your grandma’s heirloom china. Built-in ceiling shelves, above-the-door shelves, and corner shelving are brilliant space-saving alternatives since they can stow away your stuff. In addition, they are quite easy to install.

Shelves also make for better places to display your knick-knacks and décor. Also, you do not have to worry about the kids knocking over your precious vases since your breakables are safely stowed away.

3. Space-Saving Furniture

It is understandable that you will be tempted to get the biggest and comfiest couch in the furniture store when choosing your fittings, but if your home is space challenged, this may not be possible. With limited space, it makes sense to utilize pared-down furniture instead. You do not have to bend over backwards looking for scaled-down furniture since those are easy to find nowadays, many of which are quite affordable. Ultimately, these furniture pieces will not only give you more elbow room, they can instantly make a stuffy room look spacious. Bear in mind that functionality is the most important thing in choosing pieces for your tiny dwellings.

4. Bring in Some Greenery

Best Designs for Small Houses and Apartments - Lamudi Philippines
Placing indoor plants around the house can help make your space look light and fresher. Photo via IngImage

Who says houseplants have no place in small apartments? Strategically choosing small to medium-sized indoor plants and placing them in your living room or home office can actually make it look lighter and fresher. Water and prune them periodically to keep your home from looking like a rainforest. Hanging foliage can also be a pretty alternative if you are not too keen on wasting floor space.

5. Conceal Your Clutter

Best Designs for Small Houses and Apartments - Lamudi Philippines
Nothing makes a cramped space look more spacious better than doing away with clutter and keeping surfaces clean and streamlined. Photo via IngImage

While this is more of a reminder from your mom than a designer tip, maintaining a well-kept place can beat everything on this list. Constantly find new ways to organize your things. Scour through stores for racks, cabinets, and small drawers, or get a carpenter to install a few shelves in odd spaces that can be utilized when packing away household items.

Aside from functionality, another important principle in maintaining the interior of your small house or apartment is streamlining the number of possessions you own. You will be surprised how much space you have when you finally decide to dispose (and donate) some items you do not actually use, like that treadmill that has been sitting in your bedroom since forever, or old clothes you will not be wearing again.

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