Where in Batangas: Finding Foreclosed Properties Fit for Your Life Goals

Buying a foreclosed property and achieving life goals—what do they have in common? Besides needing careful planning, both require that you find the right location. 

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) recently named CALABARZON the fastest-growing region in 2021. The region is known for its manufacturing and industrial estates, as well as investment-rich provinces like Batangas. 

Batangas real estate, in particular, is appealing to property seekers who want to achieve more in life. Some of them want to move outside the metro and experience the best of probinsya life. Others aim to earn a passive income and become financially stable. And there are also seekers who are looking to sell, such as real estate brokers. 

Whichever type of seeker you are, there’s something for you in Batangas. 

Why Choose Batangas Properties?

As a tourist destination near Metro Manila, the province has properties that could easily increase in prices and attract demand. This is good news for those seeking money-making opportunities in the real estate market.

Meanwhile, if building a family is the goal, there are plenty of Batangas residential properties to choose from. Some are modern and near city establishments, while others are spacious and ideal for growing families. 

A Quick Tour of Batangas 

Wondering where to find that foreclosed property in Batangas fit for your goals? Consider these towns and cities: 

Santo Tomas 

Also known as the “Gateway to the South,” Santo Tomas is only 60 kilometers away from Manila. It also sits at the foot of Mt. Makiling, making it a perfect place to experience convenient yet relaxed living. 

Within the city, there’s a spacious lot for a vacation home, a property that can be developed for rental use, and a single-detached house for raising a family


Talisay is a municipality with a thriving tourism sector. As a resort town, it features over 20 resorts and attracts fans of watersports like windsurfing and kayaking. As a residential place, this municipality would appeal to home seekers with an affinity for nature and thrilling outdoor activities.

The Midlands, a community of themed enclaves, is also located in Talisay. Here, real estate brokers will find upscale foreclosed properties that can increase their bottom line. The Midlands currently has a 147-sqm foreclosed condo unit and a 338-sqm foreclosed lot for sale.


Even though labelled as a young progressive town, Laurel already offers excellent investment opportunities. The area makes a great location for a vacation home for rent or retirement house. It’s home to the foreclosed properties of Canyon Woods Residential Resort: 594-sqm and 390-sqm lots with access to nature-themed facilities.

Batangas City 

The capital city of Batangas is the fastest-growing area in the province. It’s the location of several large-scale developments, including residential communities, malls, and private schools. 

For a home with an urban feel or an investment that can reach a diverse rental market, consider acquired properties in San Isidro Village and Berberabe Subdivision.


Lipa City is dubbed the “Little Rome of the Philippines” because of its numerous churches, convents, seminaries, and Catholic schools. The city is also famous for its “kapeng barako,” and its role in spreading coffee production in the country.

Lipa likewise offers foreclosed properties in tranquil settings. The best examples are these 114-sqm lot and 205-sqm house, located inside gated communities and surrounded by lush greenery.

Other areas and properties to check out in Batangas include the following: 

  • Tanauan City and its 397-sqm and 753-sqm lots convertible into luxurious vacation homes amid mood-boosting amenities 
  • Calatagan and its bank-owned property with over 1,500 square meters of land size and a pool area
  • Nasugbu and its 46-sqm unit in a condo that promotes a year-round vacation lifestyle 

In terms of price, bank-owned properties in Batangas range from P983,000 to P11.7 million, with modern condo units being the most upscale options.

What to Prepare When Buying a Foreclosed Batangas Property? 

For a fuss-free buying experience, consider choosing a foreclosed property from a well-established bank like BDO. They offer property options with easy payment terms: no down payment and a reservation fee of P50,000. The monthly amortization fee is also fixed and payable in 12 years, making the purchase easier on the budget. 

Note, however, that the easy payment terms don’t apply to all foreclosures for sale. So it’s still best to get in touch with the bank or sales agent for complete and accurate details. 

For buyers working overseas, some of the necessary documents include a Notarized Special Power of Attorney and Attorney-In-Fact Information Sheet (if currently abroad) and proof of remittance.

Choosing a Batangas property takes you one step closer to achieving your life goals. Click here to explore more options from BDO and have your inquiries answered by their sales officer.


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