All the Newest Apple Products and Features That Will Simplify At-Home Tasks

Apple is one of the world’s largest electronics brands, and the hype continues for its sleek, user-friendly products. At the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), held from June 6 to 10, 2022, the latest software updates, features, and products were introduced.

Certainly, the event wasn’t just for developers and iPhone users. Everything announced can be of value to everyone wanting to improve lives in a tech-driven world.

At home, it’s evident how technology played a role in increasing convenience. And with Apple’s latest offerings, one can experience a more comfortable at-home lifestyle. 

From the WWDC 2022, we bring you updates that could change the way we look at a modern home: 

All-New Home App 

Smart homes would soon become the standard as Apple doubles down on the reliability and usability of their Home App. If you’re an iPhone user, the Home app will allow you to control HomeKit accessories. HomeKit accessories include lights, speakers, outlets, locks, cameras, and more that you can control on your phone via the Home App.

With the Home App redesign, the users’ rooms will be displayed on one page, consisting of widgets that show current accessories and their status. This helps homeowners and families have greater control over their energy use and safety. 

On top of the Home App, users can get information about “categories” like Climate, Lights, and Security. They can show the temperature across the house, how many lights are currently on, and which doors are unlocked. Overall, the app promotes convenience, which, in turn, boosts one’s quality of life. 

M2 Chip 

At WWDC 2022, Apple announced the second generation of its Silicon chips, M2. It will come to the new version of the MacBook Air and the redesigned 13-inch MacBook Pro. It promises incredible performance, (almost) all-day battery life, and a higher memory ceiling than the M1 (from 16GB to 240GB). 

Technicalities aside, M2 offers on-the-go young professionals and executives more advanced hardware options for work. Using them at home (or anywhere) makes it easier to take on intensive tasks like professional-level editing and video streaming without a hitch. 

IpadOS Updates 

The iPadOS 16, set to be launched later this year, will turn an iPad into another device you can use when working from home. It has already been called the “multitasker’s dream,” offering tools designed for productivity and collaboration.

New features in Messages will allow you to collaborate with others and manage shared content. The Freeform app, meanwhile, enables users to see, share, and collaborate in real-time on a flexible canvas. 

Of course, besides using it for work, an iPad can serve as a home hub to control HomeKit accessories. Mount it on the wall, but make sure it’s easily detachable for moments when you need to use it for other tasks. 

WatchOS 9 Updates 

Staying healthy at home and tracking your progress will be more convenient with the new features of the Apple Watch. Users can track REM, time asleep, heart rate, and respiratory rate, among others. 

The Watch’s ECG app and irregular rhythm notification system can also alert users to the risk of atrial fibrillation (AFib), which may lead to serious medical conditions. This feature is especially useful for tracking the health of senior family members, considering that the heart gets less efficient as we age. 

Further, the new Medications experience will help users manage their medications, vitamins, and supplements and set up schedules and reminders.

Your iPhone as a Webcam 

Mac users can finally use their iPhones as a webcam, thanks to the new updates for macOS Ventura. With the Continuity Camera feature, you can prop up your iPhone on a stand near your Mac and use it as a webcam. 

The obvious benefit of this upgrade is that you will have better image quality when doing virtual meetups with colleagues or even friends and family. Apple expects that users would prefer the cameras of their iPhones, prompting the company to partner with accessory manufacturers like Belkin. 

Attaching the phone on top of a Macbook’s screen will require a custom clip or stand. Once the iPhone is in position, the laptop will automatically detect the device without you having to unlock it. 

The latest Apple updates and products are steering us into more innovative surroundings. They work together, offering flexibility when it comes to doing what needs to be done—at home and beyond. 

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