13 Apartments For Rent in Metro Manila With Balconies

Apartments with balconies are perfect for renters who want to maximize space indoors and outdoors.

Apartments for rent in Metro Manila are great options for those who want to experience the capital region’s cosmopolitan lifestyle. Most of them are adjacent to business districts, major thoroughfares, and commercial strips. Others may be close to tourist destinations, making them suitable for those who love the outdoors.

Renting apartments in Metro Manila doesn’t just bring people closer to premier locations. It also allows tenants to become creative and resourceful with the square footage they have. For example, balconies are great places to have hanging gardens, hangout decks, and outdoor dining places. 

Your future apartment’s balcony will also be the gateway to the outdoors and your window to your residence’s urban terrain. Here are 13 apartments for rent in Metro Manila with balconies:

A Third-Floor Two-bedroom Unit

Not all rental accommodations are in low- or mid-rise buildings. Take this three-story house in Fairview, Quezon City, as an example: its owners rent out two bedrooms on the third floor for Php 15,000 a month.

Renting this unit will give you a sense of living in a spacious house in a private community. Your balcony will also be spacious and perfect for morning meditations and enjoying quiet evenings after work.

A Single Bed Space in Sampaloc

One affordable option you can avail of is a single bed space in a 100-room apartment building in Sampaloc. For Php 4,999 a month, you can rent units with balconies to have a view of the capital city’s bustling life. And if you want views of the outdoors without crowding the space with your fellow tenants, the building has a rooftop deck equipped with tables and chairs and outdoor umbrellas.

A Deluxe One-bedroom Suite

A luxurious apartment you can rent in Poblacion, Makati mirrors the upscale feel of hotels. This one-bedroom unit has a king-sized bed, kitchenette, and a bathroom with hot water and toilet. The unit’s balcony has a glass terrace, which is different from the typical iron grills and steel bars. The glass panels add more views of your outdoor area.

A Studio-type Unit in Marikina

Looking for a bare unit you can furnish to your liking? Rent this studio-type unit in Marikina for Php 8,500 monthly. The unit is part of a low-rise apartment complex, which means fewer neighbors and more privacy.

The unit’s veranda overlooks the community trees and greenery where the apartment complex is located. Watch the sunrise and sunset there while having coffee or reading your favorite book.

Two-bedroom Loft in Quezon City

This two-bedroom loft unit in Valencia, Quezon City, brings renters closer to key locations, such as Eastwood City, Greenhills, White Plains, Katipunan Avenue, and Araneta City. Renters who want to have a place to keep their corporate and fashionable outfits may also benefit from this loft unit’s walk-in closet.

The loft unit also has a terrace area where future you can put plants, shade, outdoor seating and tables, and a retractable drying rack for your laundry.

A Wi-Fi Powered Unit in Las Piñas

Since remote work is here to stay, your home has to have Internet access for you to work efficiently. In Las Piñas, there is an apartment unit that offers Wi-Fi access of up to 100 Mbps to its future tenants.

Should you rent this apartment, set up a small table on your balcony when you need new scenery to work more productively. Couple your mornings with your favorite cup of coffee and enjoy your work-from-home setup. 

A Three-bedroom Furnished Unit

Another expansive apartment for rent with a balcony is this three-bedroom space in New Manila, Quezon City. The apartment complex looks like a house and is suitable for both residential and commercial use. The balcony area overlooks the property’s garden. Use that space to relish in nature during your breaks from work.

A Modern Studio Unit in Taguig

If you’re after a home that fits your minimalist aesthetic, this modern studio unit in West Bicutan, Taguig, might be the right place for you. Inside the unit are a white and brown color scheme, making it easier for you to use different pops of color for your decor and furniture pieces.

The unit’s balcony overlooks the Philippine Navy Golf Club, where you’ll enjoy views of wide greens, tall buildings, and the sky. At night, you’ll see the flickering lights of Makati and BGC while enjoying a peaceful ambiance.

A Luxury Suite in Manila

Apartment units can also look elegant, like this one-bedroom suite in the Greenhills area. The unit has a Scandinavian-style minimalist interior that establishes a clean, practical, and tidy environment, The neutral color palette creates a conducive space for your work-from-home needs.

The unit’s balcony area provides a contrasting view from your future home’s interiors. You’ll see different pops of color, movement, and varying shapes comprising the location’s urbanscape.

A Furnished One-bedroom Unit in Makati

San Antonio Village is another upscale neighborhood in Makati that offers apartments with balconies for rent. Experience the village’s deluxe environment by renting this fully furnished one-bedroom unit. Your future home will measure 28 square meters and have features, such as a kitchen countertop, one bathroom, built-in wardrobes, a single bed, and a work desk.

The unit’s balcony area is a suitable place for having breakfast, morning coffee, and meditation sessions. It is also suitable for working, as the outdoor view gives fresh surroundings for you to be productive.

A Spacious Three-bedroom Unit in Caloocan

Families looking for a long-term residence in the north of Metro Manila may consider renting this three-bedroom unit in East Grace Park, Caloocan City. It has two bathrooms, built-in cabinets and cupboards, wooden floor tiles, toilet and shower, and a stone-fenced balcony.

This large unit costs Php 32,000 a month, a price that is reasonable considering tenants will enjoy wide spaces, well-crafted home features, and unlimited views of the outside.

For-sharing Unit With Four Beds in Quezon City

Planning to share an apartment with friends or officemates? Then this for-sharing unit in Batasan Hills, Quezon City, is the residence you’re looking for. It measures 48 square meters and can fit four tenants. Inside, future renters will find two bunk beds, built-in cabinets and shelves, dining table and chairs, TV set, refrigerator, and air-conditioning units.

The balcony area is accessible via a glass door by the living room. It is spacious and has shade, making it perfect for redecorating as an outdoor office, studio, or dining area. Place some plants in your unit for pops of greens.

A Minimalist One-bedroom Unit

A young professional looking for career and leisure opportunities should consider renting this one-bedroom unit at Euroflats in Almanza Dos, Las Piñas City. The unit has a simple yet elegant interior design that allows renters to decorate and furnish their space as they please.

Highlights of the unit include a large glass window on one corner, and a shaded terrace. These provide renters views of the outside world from the comfort of their unit.

Apartments provide comfort and safety for tenants. With balconies, they also serve as links to the outdoors and versatile spaces for different purposes. Check here for more apartments for rent in Metro Manila with other amenities.


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