6 Antipolo Resorts for Your Next Quick Getaway

When planning a vacation with your loved ones, among the top options is going for a swim. If you live in Metro Manila, looking for a good resort nearby can be difficult, especially considering the distance. If you are planning a weekend getaway, you would want to go to a place with the shortest travel time to maximize your vacation. One of the best places for this type of vacation is Antipolo

The city is only 46 minutes away from Metro Manila via R-6, making it among the top options of individuals who wish to have a quick weekend getaway. One of the tourist destinations, you can find in Antipolo are resorts. With Antipolo’s lush nature and high elevation, you can almost certainly find a destination that has an overlooking mountain view. 

Here are some of Antipolo’s best resorts:

Loreland Farm Resort

Loreland Farm Resort is a popular tourist destination situated at Loreland, Antipolo. It features various attractions, such as pools situated right in front of the hotel, aplaya pools, a kiddie pool with slides, and a family fun park with waterpark features. Also within Loreland Farm Resort is a hiking trail suitable for those seeking adventure and physical activities. 

Luljetta Hanging Gardens and Spa

Among the key features of Loreland Farm Resort is the Luljetta Hanging Gardens and Spa. Luljetta features hydro pulls, jacuzzis, yoga areas, large swings, and massage services, making it the ideal destination for individuals who wish to unwind. The swimming pools here are designed like rice terraces, which allows guests to enjoy a panoramic view of Rizal’s mountains. 

Cristina Villas Mountain Resort

Cristina Villas Mountain Resort is located on the Antipolo hills. It’s the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle. This is among the top resorts in Antipolo you can find if you’re planning an adventure in Hinulugang Taktak Waterfall and Park. The distance between the two is only 1.7 kilometers.

The resort’s Mediterranean-inspired façade, combined with a contemporary interior, creates a beautiful setting for a relaxing vacation. Whether you’re searching for an exciting time or some peace and quiet, you’ll find them both here. You’ll be able to relax and swim in five pools, as well as play basketball and volleyball, and zipline. You can also relax in their wellness facilities, the gym and spa.

Mount Purro Nature Reserve

At Mount Purro Nature Reserve, you have a chance to get close to nature. This location is about 20 kilometers from downtown Antipolo and its well-known attractions. The peaceful, provincial vibe is something you won’t find in a city, which is why this farm resort and reserve is a draw in and of itself. Day trips are possible, but it also makes for a delightful stay.

The clean and comfortable farm-style rooms have been reinvented from the Filipino bahay kubo (traditional nipa hut). Providing essential amenities, the modest lodgings have a welcoming atmosphere.

Seven Suites Hotel Resort 

This popular recreational center is also known as The Seven Suites Hotel Observatory, which claims to be the Philippines ‘ only hotel observatory. It’s positioned on Antipolo’s hillside and offers a spectacular nighttime view of Manila. In this top tourist destination, you may peer into the sky through the fourth-largest telescope in the country.

This contemporary hotel has bright, well-ventilated rooms with either a city or a mountain view. Each room features a sitting space and a bathroom with a bathtub, where you can unwind. The units also feature an outside area.

Cloud 9 Resort

For years, Antipolo’s Cloud 9 Resort has been a popular tourist destination, especially now that they’ve introduced more recreational activities. The Jardin de Marimar and Hinulugang Taktak Waterfalls and Park are both five kilometers away from this Antipolo resort. They have a variety of accommodations available, ranging from dorms to penthouse suites. The bathtubs, balconies, and patios in some rooms and suites offer beautiful forest views.

Cloud 9 Resort’s activities and amenities are ideal for gatherings, conferences, and team-building activities. The on-site Cloud 9 Sports and Leisure Club offers a variety of activities. The Butuan Caraga Heritage Museum is located within the premises, housing archaeological relics from Butuan and the Caraga Region. 

At this Antipolo resort, you can also do ziplining or walk in a hanging bridge while enjoying a 360-degree view of Manila. 

With plenty of resorts to choose from, Antipolo attracts tourists all year round, making it an excellent location for investors looking for the perfect rental unit and property seekers searching for a vacation home. Consider this popular leisure destination for your next property purchase. Check out these excellent properties in Antipolo.

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