Why Affluent Neighborhoods Make the Best Investments

Long-term property investing is one of the safest wealth-creation vehicles for Filipinos. But to reap all of its benefits and returns, knowing the best locations to invest in is crucial. 

With the sustained demand for high-end homes, affluent neighborhoods are worth considering. You know you’re in one when you see distinctively modern houses, landscaping everywhere, and exclusive amenities. 

What drives the demand for these neighborhoods? What can you expect from upscale homes in such ritzy places? Wise investors would want to know the answers and, eventually, see the best options for luxury home investments. 

If you’re aiming for the same goals, read on!

The Enduring Appeal of Affluent Neighborhoods 

The luxury real estate market in the Philippines is thriving. Since 2020, Lamudi has observed a growing appetite for high-end projects, with Metro Manila as a popular destination for these developments.

Fast forward to this year, luxury didn’t go out of style. The need to have a safe home amplified, resulting in more people looking into high-quality homes. One common characteristic among these homes is the ability to provide a high level of security, comfort, and entertainment. 

Affluent neighborhoods present properties that offer the most enjoyment and are smart investments, too. They can adjust to the needs of occupants as they adapt to new behaviors and live differently. 

Muntinlupa: Where Investment-Worthy Homes Abound

Expect appreciating values with a high-end property at Likha Residences (Artist’s Perspective).

The southern part of Metro Manila hosts some of the wealthiest neighborhoods, but let’s zoom in on one place where several exclusive communities are located: Muntinlupa City. 

Alabang is one of the highly coveted areas in the city, known for its stylish skyscrapers, open spaces, and multifaceted entertainment destinations. Life here would never be monotonous with the numerous parks and indoor and outdoor boutique shops. 

For many years, Alabang has been the go-to destination for upwardly-mobile families looking to live down south. But as new affluent neighborhoods emerge, modern property seekers are exploring new areas, such as the neighboring barangay of Cupang in Muntinlupa.

Cupang: Home of Modern Filipino Designer Townhouses 

Barangay Cupang is less than 30 minutes away from the famous Ayala Alabang Village and is the location of other exclusive communities like Alabang Hills and Hillsborough. Cupang is also shaping to be a hotspot for high-end homes, with the construction of a new project in the area, Likha Residences by PHINMA Prism. This boutique community takes exclusivity and prestige to the next level through its modern Filipino designer townhomes. 

The master-crafted townhomes of Likha Residences are unlike any other townhouse unit on the market. Their unique character shines through the following features:

Climate-Conscious Architecture 

Filipino architecture is climate-conscious, and this is evident in the townhomes of Likha Residences. All year round, these units stay comfortable despite the changing climate.

To achieve this, each townhome has a clerestory roof. Its strategic placement increases natural light while maintaining privacy. It also allows for ventilation, letting the warm air out and promoting thermal comfort. 

Other unique design features that make the townhomes climate-conscious are the automated louvered windows and wide glass balconies. The louvered windows allow air to flow freely into your space. Its automated system gives you better shade and ventilation control, increasing the practical functionality of the home.

Meanwhile, the glass balconies are reminiscent of the bamboo porch of a bahay kubo—but more sophisticated. Townhomes at Likha Residences have a spacious balcony on the second floor, connected to floor-to-ceiling glass doors. Opening these, you can integrate the balcony into the living area and enlarge the space. 

Areas for Peace and Productivity 

Your unit at Likha Residences opens up to a foyer with multiple functions (Artist’s Perspective).

A peace-filled environment helps lower stress levels, improve general health, and boost productivity. At a time when almost everything can be done indoors, the townhouses at Likha Residences offer adaptable spaces for both short-term and long-term needs. 

Its foyer on the ground floor, for instance, can be used for entertaining guests or sanitation purposes. The three to four-storey homes also have a generous floor space of 238 to 324 square meters, so residents can designate areas for work-from-home setups, a hobby room, or even a guest room. 

The layout flexibility of these townhomes can also be seen in their open floor plans. It will be easier for occupants to host indoor gatherings, move through different rooms without barriers, and find spaces that increase sociability and communication. 

Abounding Green Spaces

It’s no secret that greenery is often scarce in urban areas, which is why having access to lush landscapes could increase a home’s future value. At Likha Residences, there’s equal importance given to quality-built units and open spaces. This is because the latter is also important for human health and well-being. 

By using half of its land area for open spaces, including the exclusive clubhouse, Likha Residences ushers in a new generation of neighborhoods wherein ample greenery is available. To further improve human-nature relationships, the project’s four-storey units also have access to an elevated garden and path walks. Meanwhile, three-storey townhomes will have their own private back garden. 

Premium Building Materials and Finishes 

The ingenious interiors and exquisite finishes at Likha Residences reflect an abundant state of living (Artist’s Perspective).

Besides the overall design, the finer details of Likha Residences townhomes make them a glam residence. Using premium products, such as modern adobe tiles, high-quality concrete, and professionally-treated wood, add to the units’ opulence. 

The designer townhouses are also dominated by timeless earth-tone colors, which soothe the senses and instantly bring a warm vibe. Down to the smallest details, each unit is intentionally made to increase comfort and is semi-furnished for added convenience.

Evaluating the Investment Potential of Likha Residences Alabang 

Location-wise, the townhomes at Likha Residences are a promising investment. They’re located in an accessible yet highly exclusive community—a feature that boosts the units’ future value. 

There’s more to consider than location, but when you get this right, half of the battle is already won. To emerge victorious in the other half, you should know the other attributes of a good property investment. 

See how Likha Residences live up to these features:

Neighborhood Safety 

Find a secure investment and a safe way to build wealth at Likha Residences (Artist’s Perspective).

Aside from being surrounded by affluent and gated villages, Likha Residences has its own robust security features. It’s a double-gated community with 24-hour roving security. The project also has underground facilities, which means utility lines will be protected from harsh weather, minimizing fire hazards, power outages, and other safety risks.

Likha Residences is likewise near exceptional schools, such as PAREF Southridge School and San Beda College Alabang. This can contribute to neighborhood safety because, after all, schools prioritize safety, and residences nearby tend to be safe too.

Of course, in your Likha Residences unit, you can make technological upgrades to improve its security. Safety upgrades that help increase a property’s value include smart locks, video doorbells, and outdoor lighting.

Maintenance Duties 

The use of premium materials ensures that your unit at Likha Residences will stand the test of time. They help maintain that aesthetic look and comforting atmosphere both now and down the line. 

Townhomes are also inherently low-maintenance due to their design. So even if you own a spacious, upscale unit, you can reduce the maintenance workload. Less upkeep also means more time to focus on other investment opportunities. 

The Lifestyle It Promises

Properties at Likha Residences are considered lifestyle real estate. They project the “dream life” and offer features fit for the lifestyle and values of a select few.

The townhouse project is also a reminder that there’s investment potential in an upscale lifestyle. Many property seekers now prioritize enhancing their quality of life, triggering high demand and appreciation of upscale properties. 

Hedge Against Inflation 

Tangible investments like a townhouse at Likha Residences offer money-making opportunities to beat inflation (Artist’s Perspective).

One asset that could protect you from inflation is a well-located, upscale property. It will likely increase in value year by year as cities grow, new developments are built, and land becomes more scarce. 

In the Alabang area of Muntinlupa, the historical price data is on an upward trend. The current property price per square meter here is P121,000, which could further increase as demand for high-end homes continues.

Whether you’re planning to invest in a property near Alabang for personal use or financial gains, you can look forward to a high resale value in the future. You can also maximize returns by turning the property into a rental. Upscale homes attract discerning tenants willing to pay more for aesthetics, enhanced comfort, and an impressive range of amenities. 

Explore all these possibilities at Likha Residences in Cupang, Muntinlupa. Its modern Filipino luxury townhomes are hard to miss—the ideal setting for a leveled-up Southern lifestyle. Unlike other townhouse projects, Likha Residences provides a land title to its buyers, securing their investment and future gains.

Property investing is not without risk, but you can be more confident when you take advantage of what’s available in affluent neighborhoods. 

Explore your investment options at Likha Residences.


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