7 Ways to Stay Cool and Have Fun this Summer on a Tight Budget

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Summer is always spelled as F-U-N. And why is that? There are tons of activities you can do during the summer. When you Google the words “summer” and “Philippines,” the search results are enormous. The only problem is that the summer heat wave can be too harsh even if you’re staying at home. Check out these 7 ways to stay cool and still have fun this summer without ruining your budget.

Have a staycation at hotels, condominiums, or waterparks

You can opt for a staycation at the resorts within the Metro to save on travel fees plus less travel time and more dipping at the pool. There are plenty of new hotels and condominiums in Metro Manila that offer luxurious amenities. For those who have kids, you might want to try ACE Water Spa or other waterparks with your family and avail their summer discounts and promos. As they say, anywhere there is a pool, it will always be cool. Literally, that is.

Head on to the nearest beach

For the beach lovers, you might want to explore nearby unpopular beaches so you can save on gas and other expenses. These unexplored or “virgin” beaches usually offer a more affordable accommodation than their popular counterparts. Famous beach destinations are also usually flocked by people during the summer and these places can get too crowded.

Visit air-conditioned public places

This is a common escape to those who would like to save up on electricity at home – head to the nearest mall. Another option is to go to libraries or bring your kids to air-conditioned play parks where you only get to pay a minimum fee for a couple of hours. The only challenge with this kind of setup is you or your child might be tempted to buy something that interests you in one of the stores.

Wear the proper getup

Light-colored clothes always deflect sunlight, thus, absorbing less heat. Clothes made from light and breathable fabric will also keep you cool all throughout the day. You might also want to try applying a cooling lotion if you plan on staying out under the sun for too long. A cheaper alternative is to use sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, cooling neck wraps, and an umbrella if you will be out during the midday sun. As much as possible, avoid going out in the morning until noon as the sun is at its hottest during these times of the day.

Air out your house at night

It’s best to keep your house cool during the day by using blackout curtains and keeping them closed until sundown. At night, when the air starts to become cooler, you can open the windows and doors of your house to let the cool air in. You can also use an electric fan by placing it near a window or a door facing towards the house. This will suck the cold air in and let the warm air out. You may also use fluorescent bulbs instead of the incandescent ones as the latter becomes hotter with prolonged use compared to the former.

Keep your body cool

This means hydrating yourself often by drinking lots of water or light fruit juices and refreshing fruits such as watermelon or lime and cucumber juice. You can also wet a small towel every now and then and wipe it on your face, arms, and legs to lower down your body temperature. You can also place it in front of your electric fan or air-conditioner to help cool you down faster. After taking a shower, you may refrain from wiping off excess water on your skin and let it dry off by standing in front of a fan or the air conditioner.

Refrain from using too many heat-emitting appliances

Ovens can turn up the heat inside a room after cooking food even for just 15 minutes. Go for easy-to-prepare meals which will require less cooking time in the oven. If it is also possible, charge all your gadgets at night and make sure to point the fan towards them while charging to keep them and the room temperature cool.

This summer, don’t let budget-constraints ruin your fun under the sun. Just remember these tips and you’re well on your way to a splendid summertime. 

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