6 Easy Home Decorating Ideas to Brighten up the Rainy Season

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The rainy season doesn’t have to be boring and gloomy. Welcome the rainy days by decorating and painting your home with these easy tips.

Summer is almost gone, and the rainy season is settling in. For most of us, we don’t get excited over this change in weather. The bright colors of summer will soon be replaced by the dull, gloomy gray of June. Gone will be the dry season and enjoyable outdoor activities. It will be cloudy days, cold nights, wet pavements, and sluggish indoor moments for five long months. In worst cases, the rainy season could mean flooding, traffic jams, and health problems. For some, it could just simply mean a leaking roof.

But the rainy season doesn’t have to be gloomy, boring or dreadful. A rainy day has its own advantages. It gives us time to relax, slow down and reflect on our lives, work, and family. On the brighter side, it is an exciting season to redecorate and paint our homes.

In this article, Lamudi presents you easy and creative decorating ideas to brighten up your home during the rainy days.

To paint or not to paint

Painting houses during rainy days remains a debatable topic for some. There are a few reasons why this might be a bad idea. For one, the quality of paint is affected by moisture and temperature. While painting season is not always tied to sunny weather, the moisture and fluctuating temperature during the rainy days could affect the paint’s performance. When the paint is applied on moist or wet surfaces, the paint can’t adhere properly due to moisture. Air and water would then seep in and create peels and cracks in the paint.

But this should not discourage you from painting your home during the rainy days. In fact, painting season has no definite season. With careful planning and consideration, you can still paint your home even if it’s constantly raining outside.

Here are some tips to consider when painting home interiors:

  • Make sure that the home interiors are dry and free of moisture. Keep in mind that open windows can allow sprinkles on the sill or the wall below the window while you paint.
  • Because of the humid conditions of the rainy season, interior paint may take a longer time to dry. Adding a second coat of paint may also be delayed.

If you want to paint the exterior of your house, you should consider the following:

  • Surfaces that get constantly wet from rain should not be painted until they are completely dry and are no longer constantly rained on.
  • Surfaces that appear to be dry can still have latent moisture, which could affect the quality of your paint. Wait for ideally one full day for these surfaces to be completely dry before applying paint.
  • Temperature can also affect the quality of the paint. Make sure to check the recommended temperature specified on the paint can label.

Colors suitable for the rainy season

When you finally decide on painting your home, your next step is to consider which color to use. Here are some recommended colors that will create a warm and cozy environment for your family:


Yellow is considered a very cheerful color, which creates a contrast to the dark and gloomy weather outside. It creates a warm and welcoming ambiance and is a perfect color to paint the interior walls of your living room, dining room and hallways. Spaces with no sufficient windows or light could also benefit from the warm effect of this color. If painting the room with yellow is too much for your melancholic personality, adding yellow details like throw pillows, chairs, side table, or sofa can do the trick.


This color reminds you of the sparkling ocean during summer and is a perfect color to brighten up your living room or other areas with high ceiling. It is a very stylish color that can easily blend with other colors. You can paint your walls with turquoise or simply add turquoise decorations or furniture pieces, such as pillows, vases or chairs.


Green is usually associated with nature and brings balance and harmony in a living space. It is considered a cool color and can be used in almost any room. Green is particularly ideal in large areas such as bedrooms and study rooms. This color promotes a relaxing atmosphere, which is good for sleeping and studying. You can paint your accent wall with green or add green furniture, rugs, accessories, and paintings. You can also use green curtains or green beddings.

There are other colors that you could use to give your home a new makeover. This includes pink, purple, orange and white. Whatever color you choose, the concept is to use a bright shade that will create a contrast against the darker tones of a cloudy day. Aside from painting your walls, make sure to accessorize your interiors with furniture and other details that will complement the wall color.

Low-cost decorating

You don’t need to spend so much money to redecorate your home. Here are low-cost decorating tips for your home makeover.

Reorganize your furniture

You can simply re-organize the furniture in your living room or bedroom by moving chairs, sofas or tables to different spots or adjusting them on different angles. You can also search your house for art pieces and accessories which you can use to decorate other rooms. The secret is to decide on a color scheme and color-coordinate your rooms in a way that will create a bright, cozy and relaxing ambiance.

Change your bed linens

Also known as the “weather for two,” the rainy season brings couples and family closer due to the cold weather. To prepare for the cold, make sure to change your lightweight sheets with thick comforters or blankets. You can also change your pillows and flip your mattress to prep your bed for cuddling and curling up.

Change outdated fixtures

One way to decorate your home for the rainy season is to change your outdated fixtures. Make sure to replace outdated lighting and repair plumbing fixtures, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. You can also replace your cabinet pulls and that makes them easier to open.

By decorating or painting your living spaces, you can create a warm and welcoming home for your family and enjoy this wet season to the fullest — just don’t forget to fix that leaking roof.

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