5 Hacks to Make City Living More Accessible and Bearable

Living in the city can be a big change for a lot of people. The hustle and bustle can feel motivating, but it can also be overwhelming. Sometimes the city pace can feel like it’s a bit too fast and that you’re getting swept away by everything that’s going on.

If you’re having a difficult time adapting to city life, or you feel your work-life balance is off, then here are a few things we recommend you can modify in your lifestyle to make city living easier.

Avoid the Rush Hour

Traveling anywhere in the city is a hassle when it’s rush hour. Getting to your office or a meeting on time during rush hour is very stressful and completely out of your control. 

Keep track of when the rush hour is in your city, and avoid traveling during these hours as much as possible. Try to leave earlier before work starts, and later after work ends so that you don’t deal with the headache that comes with getting stuck in traffic. 

You can use the extra time you have to start off your day doing yoga or eating a healthy breakfast, and end it visiting the gym or boxing ring, or winding down with friends before you go home. There are many all-day breakfast spots and 24/7 gyms in the Metro’s business districts now, so even if you’re not on a regular shift, this hack will work for you!

Join the Co-Living Trend

Some developers now offer an urban home that doesn’t only cut your commute to a walk, but also introduce you to a lifestyle with events and friends that otherwise would have been much more expensive and time intensive to achieve. This is called co-living.

MyTown, for example, is the largest co-living provider in the Metro, and wants tenants to make use of the time they’ve saved from their commute to create beautiful experiences by organizing events themselves that are relevant, fun and educational for its tenants. Aside from that, MyTown has club amenities like gyms, boxing rings, karaoke rooms, a cinema, a lap pool, and affordable food and laundromats so that your city life doesn’t come with a city budget. 

Most importantly, paradoxically enough, city life makes many people feel lonely amidst all the people. Co-living gives you a community of support when you need it most.

Try Alternative Transportation 

In some cases, driving will be faster than public transportation, and in other cases, the opposite is true. Try to change up your commute until you find the optimal commute for you. 

Research has found that the least efficient part of your commute is the last mile of your trip; this means that no matter how you commute, the last leg of your commute is typically still a walk from your parking slot, bus station, or jeepney stop. 

Foldable bikes or electric scooters are getting more affordable in the Metro and are growing in popularity because they help speed up this last part of your commute. Not only does it offer easy maneuverability and get you to places faster, but it’s also exercising for you. Aside from that, it’s also an eco-friendly travel alternative.

Plan Your Day the Night Before

With city living, a lot of things happen all the time. Living in the middle of all the hustle and bustle is exciting, but a person only has 24 hours in a day. You need to be able to figure out what you plan on doing on each day because otherwise, you may end up unable to do anything at all. Spending an hour or less planning your day the night before will make you more productive in the day. 

For example, since you always have your smartphone on you, you can already download podcasts, movies or documentaries, or make sure you have that language app downloaded the night before so you spend your time learning while commuting!

Learn to Budget

City living is much more expensive than living outside of it. Additionally, there are a lot more cafes, restaurants, and activities that will tempt you to spend your money. Thus, you need to be vigilant and proactively learn how to budget.

Setting a daily budget will ensure that you don’t overspend. Here too, there are many different smartphone apps that help you track your expenses. After all, you wouldn’t want to lose the ability to pay for your rent just because you bought one too many bubble teas.

Main Photo via MyTown.


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