4Q 2021 Property Seeker Trends: How Women Spend

Lamudi dives into women’s property seeking behavior across the country.

Throughout 2021, women contributed the majority of leads on Lamudi. For International Women’s Month, Lamudi looks into women’s preferences for properties to buy and to rent in 2021. 

Women in Metro Manila

Pageviews for properties for sale in Metro Manila from women looking into the area were almost evenly spread across price segments, though luxury properties attracted the largest share of pageviews in 4Q 2021. Female property seekers looking into the area have also grown more interested in purchasing properties in the low-cost segment, with listings priced between 3M and 6M flexing the biggest growth in pageviews in 4Q 2021. 

Female property seekers in Metro Manila showed a stronger interest in commercial properties towards the end of the year. In 4Q 2021, commercial properties showed the most significant spike in interest from female seekers in the area as they flexed the highest growth in pageviews out of all other property types in 4Q 2021.

Source: Lamudi.com.ph

Under properties for rent, the 200K and up segment had the highest growth in pageviews year-on-year while the 15K and below segment had the highest growth quarter-on-quarter. With many offices shifting from pure remote work set-ups to hybrid work arrangements, the rental lead share in Metro Manila increased as more employees may have sought out properties nearer to their offices.

Women in Luzon (Areas Outside Metro Manila)

Female property seekers from Luzon, excluding cities in Metro Manila, were most interested in properties for sale in the economic segment in 4Q 2021. Properties priced at PHP3M and below contributed the largest share of pageviews during that quarter.

In Luzon, the high-end price segment contributed the most significant uptick in pageviews out of all other price segments for properties for rent. Pageviews for listings priced between 60K to 200K skyrocketed from 4Q 2020 to 4Q 2021, attracting seven times more pageviews year-on-year.

While houses composed the largest share of pageviews in 4Q 2021, commercial properties and condominiums attracted the highest year-on-year increase in pageviews from women in Luzon. With cities throughout CALABARZON continuing to rake in more investment, opportunities for low-cost housing for starter families and young professionals moving to the area abound.

Women in Visayas

Overall, female property seekers in Visayas inquired for more properties for rent than they did for properties to buy in 4Q 2021. Throughout the year, the lead share for properties to rent gradually increased. Leads in 2Q 2021 were roughly split between properties for rent and for sale, but shifted more towards properties for rent in the succeeding quarters.

While the largest share of pageviews for rental listings in Visayas went to properties belonging to the low-cost segment in 4Q 2021, the high-end segment flexed the most significant uptick in pageviews quarter-on-quarter. Pageviews for listings belonging to the 60K to 200K segment grew by 49% from 3Q 2021 to 4Q 2021.

Female property seekers in Visayas were most interested in properties in the luxury segment in the fourth quarter of 2021, with listings in the PHP12M and up segment composing roughly a third of all pageviews for properties for sale. The luxury segment is also the price band with the most growth, as pageviews for properties within that range increased by 84% year-on-year in 4Q 2021. 

Women in Mindanao

In Mindanao, upscale properties for sale had the highest quarter-on-quarter growth in pageviews from female property seekers in 4Q 2021. Listings priced between 6M and 12M attracted 54% more pageviews in 4Q 2021 from 3Q 2021. Low-cost properties also gained a significant increase in pageviews in that period, as pageviews for listings priced between 3M and 6M grew by 32% quarter-on-quarter. 

Throughout 2021, trends on Lamudi revealed pageview share between properties for sale and properties for rent gradually shifted more in favor of rentals with each quarter. Majority of pageviews for rental properties in Mindanao went to properties priced at 15K and below. However, the high-end or 60K to 100K price segment attracted the largest increase in pageviews both quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year in 4Q 2021. Women in Mindanao mostly looked into houses and apartments in 4Q 2021. Combined, the property types amassed over half of all pageviews from women in Mindanao.

Throughout the country, women have appeared to show more interest in commercial properties. Commercial properties attracted the largest growth in pageviews for women across the country in the last quarter of 2021. 

For International Women’s Month, consider showing the women in your lives some love by supporting their endeavors – whether through purchasing from female-owned small businesses, gifting them vouchers to skills-building classes, or helping them find and plan out their dream office space.

Source: Lamudi.com.ph


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