4 Hacks to Achieving Work-Life Balance in Your Real Estate Career

Finding a good balance between your professional work as a property agent and your personal life takes a bit of work and a lot of discipline.

Have you ever seriously considered what your time is worth? For some real estate agents who are perceived as go-getters and hard hitters, it could feel like they only have time for work. That’s because they’re constantly making late night phone calls to clients, setting up and coordinating marketing campaigns, listing several properties in various websites and databases, preparing presentations for prospective customers, and scheduling tours of properties that clients might be interested at.

Successful real estate agents and those who are considered as veterans in the industry don’t exactly overwork themselves to the point of exhaustion. Burn out is a big no-no for them. Having time for a personal life is a must. Some block off their time for family matters or personal concerns. Others have a cut-off time at night when it comes to entertaining a client’s call, text, or email.

Finding a good balance

Choosing to balance your work and life is a matter of prioritizing things that are more important to you while making sure you are able to meet the needs of your clients. Finding a good balance between your professional work as a property agent and your personal life takes a bit of work and a lot of discipline. Even if you find yourself raking in millions of pesos a year and selling off properties left and right if your personal life is suffering then could you really call yourself truly successful?

To find proper work-life balance, you need to master the art of being able to fit in personal life matters that are important to you even in your most hectic real estate schedule.

Efficient time management 

Time management involves personal time and work boundaries. And in the real estate industry, the distinction between the two sometimes becomes blurred, especially if you’re wooing clients who think you’re just a phone call away any time of the day. If you’re always zeroed in on selling properties and growing your portfolio, taking time off often becomes an afterthought.

If you don’t set aside time for your personal life, getting burnt out is bound to happen. Eventually, your business will suffer. Personal time ought to be sacred and without exceptions. Let your clients know up front that your kids are your priorities. If you need to attend the piano recital of your daughter, prioritize that. Your clients will appreciate you even more. 

Managing your time means having a schedule that you’re comfortable with and not overwhelming. Give yourself time to get to and from appointments without feeling rushed. In other words, allow some buffer in your schedule. Personal time should be an immovable appointment on your schedule.

Create boundaries on your work schedule

Setting up boundaries for your work hours is a must. Let your clients know your work hours, even on your Facebook page or personal website. But if you have valued clients that truly matter to your work as a real estate broker, there might be times when you need to make a few exceptions. Your select clients know that you are willing to go the extra mile for them.

It’s okay to ask for help

Set aside that pride and ask for help if you have to on some matters. If you don’t, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time on things that could have been addressed sooner or done more efficiently. Don’t make your life generally harder by trying to do everything on your own. By being more efficient with your time management you would be able to provide exceptional service to your clients. Enlisting help on things that you’re not exactly good at is one way of maximizing your time more efficiently. If you need to hire an administrative assistant to run the daily tasks of your operations more smoothly, then do so. It’s an investment worth plunging into.

Set realistic expectations

Figuring out an ideal work-life balance means setting realistic expectations. You’re not exactly going to rake in millions of pesos a year by merely relying on that perfect work-life balance. You might be lucky a few times but eventually, luck is bound to run out. The goal is to make your work selling properties become extremely productive and efficient without having to work so hard that you’re already neglecting your personal life and your family.

Creating a meaningful work-life balance is more important than getting those hefty commissions at a price you are bound to regret someday.

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