15 Thoughtful Condo Surprises for Your Dad This Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it is time to plan on how you will spend an eventful day with the most important man in your life. Challenge your creativity in coming up with uniquely surprising activities that will leave an imprint in your dad’s heart. If you live in a condo with your dad, why not find a way to celebrate the occasion right in your own home.

By adding your personal touch to the amenities that are already there, you can transform the day into a wonderful moment with your dad without having to go out. With so many families out to celebrate, it will even spare you the stress of queuing up in crowded restaurants or being stuck in heavy traffic.

Here are some ideas you might want to consider:

1. Cook a special meal

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Celebrate Father’s Day with a homecooked meal made especially for your dad. Start the day by surprising him with breakfast in bed. Cook his favorite dishes from breakfast up to his dinner. Decorate the dining table and lay all his favorite dishes out for him to enjoy.

2. Throw a surprise party

Who does not love surprises? After cooking for a whole day’s worth of your dad’s favorite dishes, you can invite your relatives and your dad’s friends, and throw him a Father’s Day surprise party in your condo. Have some drinks, play cards, or tell stories and fun memories with your dad. Nothing beats good food and good company.

3. Play video games together

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Bring out the gamer and the child at heart in your Dad by playing video games together. Invite friends and family members for a more fun celebration. You can also hold a friendly competition with them. Whoever loses can do the dishes, some, or even all the chores at home.

4. Give him a personalized gift

Does your dad collect mugs, caps, tumblers, ref magnets, and whatnot? Why not give him a personalized one? You can also have personalized pajamas or a travel kit which he can definitely use during business trips.

5. Bake a Father’s Day-themed cake or cupcakes

One of the sweetest ways to celebrate Father’s Day is by baking your dad a special cake or cupcakes. It can be based on his favorite flavor, superhero, film, or just a simple one which says “I love you,” or “Happy Father’s Day!”

6. Watch his favorite films at home

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Is your dad a movie buff? Then perhaps having a movie marathon at home with all his favorite movies and freshly popped popcorn is one of the best ways to spend Father’s Day at your condo. Rent his favorite titles, or stream it via Netflix.

7. Book a home-service spa

Father’s Day can mean long lines at spas, barber shops, and whatnot. And that is why you can book him a home-service spa. Give him the gift of relaxation and some pampering at home.

8. Give him a gift hamper

If you have the budget and resources, you can also give your dad a hamper or box-full of the things he would really love, especially if he is a collector. Or, you can fill it with books, tools, and more.

9. Create a digital scrapbook

While creating an actual scrapbook can be a good avenue to let you and your dad’s creativity do its magic, making a digital scrapbook is cheaper, and it lasts longer. Relive memories as you continue to create more by converting old photographs and videos into a digital file. You can also create a movie, and watch it together afterward.

10. Give him flowers

Make his Father’s Day even more special with flowers. Nowadays, flowers are not just for women—they’re for everyone, even our dads, who would also love to receive them. Show your appreciation through a bouquet of roses—the official flower of Father’s Day.

11. Have a karaoke party

Rock out or dance to your dad’s favorite tunes by having a karaoke party at home. Yes, you can have one even at your condo. This is ideal for soundproofed units, otherwise, you need to make sure that the music and voices are not too loud that your neighbors end up knocking on your door, complaining. You can still have fun singing along with your dad, but turn it to an acceptable level of volume and up to 10 pm only.

12. Start a DIY-project together

Most dads have a hobby that they enjoy doing in their spare time. So why not join him and start a DIY-project together? That way, you can bond, make memories and create something both of you will remember. Whether it’s cooking, painting, photography, or refurbishing furniture, doing his hobby together, will make his Father’s Day extra special.

13. Help him start a pocket garden

You can start a garden at home even if you have a limited space through pocket gardening. It can either be at the balcony, or you can make your own vertical pocket garden in your condo.

14. Order food online

Treat your dad to a feast of all his favorite food and drinks or dishes he’s about to have for the first time, and he’s sure to like.

15. Give him a handwritten letter

Go old school and write a heartfelt letter to your beloved dad. Tell him how much you love and value him. You can also tell him all the things you appreciate and thank him for. Or if you don’t want to be super cheesy, you can craft a card especially for him. Let your creativity flow.

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