10 Underrated Summer Destinations in the Philippines

If you’re looking for that escapade away from the bustling crowd, you may go for the underrated summer destinations here in the Philippines. These are unpopular spots all over the country that also offer the same exhilarating summer experience to every travel enthusiast.

Summer escapades are worth all the hassle, planning, and expenses when the experience you get is one for the books. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or a once-in-a blue moon tourist, take a look at some of the underrated summer destinations we have rounded up here in the Philippines that will make you proud you live in a tropical country.

The Philippines’ Ecotourism at Its Finest | 17 Underrated Summer Destinations

  1. Kalanggaman Island (Leyte)

Photo via ABS CBN News

This island is anything that you can dream of when it comes to crystal clear waters with a matching picturesque sandbar. Cottage rental is 500 per night and make sure to include water and food when packing your summer gear.

  1. Higatangan Island (Biliran)

Photo via Biliran Island

This hidden white beach paradise is surrounded by quaint fishing villages. It also has a sandbar that shifts every now and then. You may enjoy several outdoor activities while on the island such as hiking, scuba diving, cliff jumping, and kayaking.

  1. Bonbon Beach (Romblon)

Photo via Explora

The color blue isn’t just for the skies but you’ll find it on the waters of Bonbon beach, too. It has a deserted shoreline which makes it a perfect getaway for those seeking a quiet and peaceful ambiance. Accommodations and transport fees are affordable to bring cash as ATMs are hard to come by in the area.

  1. Cagayancillo (Palawan)

    Photo via Tropical Islands 64

Palawan still has other hidden natural gems to discover such as Cagayancillo. It offers underwater fun surrounded by untouched beaches.  In the afternoon, be captivated by the striking sunsets and at night, be serenaded by the glittery stars – your ultimate dreamy escape.

  1. Pink Beach (Northern Samar)

Photo via Cosmopolitan

Pink Beach is a white beach with a fleck of pink particles from pulverized red corals. It’s an isolated beach that offers the freshest seafood and spectacular underwater sceneries.

  1. Poctoy White Beach (Marinduque)

At Poctoy White Beach, you and your families can enjoy fun activities and local food while staying at beachfront huts or hassle-free accommodations with Airbnb. This is a great choice for budget travelers who also have the option to bring their own tents to save even more.

  1. Borawan Beach (Quezon)

Photo via Borawan Island

Borawan Beach is a combination of Boracay and Palawan that can be reached just a few hours from Manila. The place is gaining popularity though and it is best to book off-season as it is a small island.

  1. Cabagnow Cave Pool (Bohol)

Photo via Little Lai

Cabagnow Cave Pool can be found in the town of Anda, Bohol. Its shores are covered by white sand and it has a cave pool after a 15-foot cliff drop.

  1. Treasure Mountain (Rizal)

Photo via Althea’s Adventures

Tagged as Mt. Pulag of the north, Treasure Mountain offers a breathtaking sea of clouds view. Bask in the view as early as five in the morning and Rizal’s lush mountain ranges afterward.

  1. Danjugan Island (Negros Occidental)

Photo via The Poor Traveler

It has 10 diving sites and a diverse marine life from hawkbill turtles to whale sharks. You may also explore forest lands and sign up for their marine and wildlife camp.

Indeed, it is more fun in the Philippines when summer comes. If your bucket list includes international travels, you might want to insert some of these underrated but awesome summer destinations on your itinerary. One thing more, these places are all Instagram-worthy spots, so don’t forget to bring your camera, go pro, drone, or any photography essential you have when you visit them.

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