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Oton is a sleepy seaside town located less than 30 minutes away from downtown Iloilo City. The municipality boasts plenty of historical landmarks and natural attractions. Though it’s lesser-known than its neighboring districts in Iloilo, the town has plenty to offer in terms of culture, community, and convenience. Buying a lot for sale in Oton, Iloilo promises a healthy return on your investment in the future, whether you intend to develop it for commercial or residential purposes.

Nearby Establishments 

Plenty of exceptional establishments make buying a lot for sale in Oton, Iloilo worth it. Below are just a few of the ones to look out for.

Stock up on your daily needs at any of these convenient grocery stores and malls:

  • Gaisano Capital Oton
  • Vista Mall Iloilo
  • Oton Public Market
  • Puregold Oton

There are also numerous top-notch schools in the area to send your children to, such as:

  • Georgia International Academy
  • Oton National High School
  • Oton Central Elementary School
  • Immaculate Concepcion Parochial School

Oton is known for its cultural heritage sites. These are a few that you can visit:

  • Camina Balay Ng Bato
  • Oton’s Heritage Lagoon
  • Old Oton Church
  • Hidden Obelisk


There are several types of lots for sale in Oton, Iloilo. There are affordable foreclosed residential lots here that start at P950,000 and new residential lots in a gated community starting at P1,080,000. Commercial lots start at P,3,735,000, while multipurpose agricultural lots sell for as high as P104,000,000. 

Why buy a lot for sale in Oton, Iloilo?

If you’re looking for an income-generating opportunity or an exceptional place to live, look no further than a lot for sale in Oton, Iloilo. You can make a healthy profit renting out a lot or selling it when its value appreciates in the future. You can also develop it into a residential or commercial property. These lots may also be turned into residential properties for personal use if you’re interested in making yourself a home here. 

Business and Work Opportunities

Buying a lot for sale in Oton, Iloilo is a prime opportunity to make the most of the district’s thriving economy. Its main economic drivers are tourism-related activities, retail and commerce, and agriculture production. You’ll benefit from setting up a business or seeking out job opportunities in these fields. Renting out your lot or developing it into commercial property is also another lucrative option to consider. 


Are there agricultural lots for sale in Oton, Iloilo?

Yes, there are agricultural lots for sale in Oton, Iloilo. Oton’s fertile natural surroundings make buying an agricultural lot for sale worthwhile. 

Are there large lots for sale in Oton, Iloilo bigger than 1000 sqm?

Yes, there are 3 large lots for sale in Oton, Iloilo bigger than 1000 sqm. These large lots can accommodate anything from industrial estates to large residential villas.

Are there foreclosed lots for sale in Oton, Iloilo?

Yes, there are 8 foreclosed lots for sale in Oton, Iloilo. A foreclosed lot is relatively more affordable than a new property. You’ll get more value for your money if you fix them up, then rent or sell them in the future.