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Impressive Growth in the Residential Market

House and Lot for Sale Philippines

The Philippines is one of the fastest developing nations in Asia. For over a decade and in the next years to come, it has been and will be experiencing stellar economic growth. Due mostly to the burgeoning service industry, particularly the business process outsourcing (BPO) and information communication technology (ICT) sectors, the economic prosperity of the country has had an immensely positive effect on the real estate market.

It is not only the office and retail markets that have increased in demand. The residential sector has been growing as well. As an indirect result of the BPO and ICT industries’ expansion, as well as overseas remittances, the purchasing power of the people has increased. Topped off with low inflation, flexible financial options, and more affordable housing projects, Filipinos are now more than ever eager and capable to buy a place they can call home.   

Although there is still a backlog in middle-income and low-cost housing amounting to an average of 58,000 units per annum, the residential real estate market remains buoyant. Government support on property investments and real estate developers are ensuring that supply keeps coming in. The balance between affordability and quality in accommodations will become the priority for the next coming years.

Illustrious Villages to Find a House for Sale

In spite of the recent trend toward either renting or condominium living, a house & lot for sale is still abundantly available all over the Philippines. From Metro Manila to
Metro Cebu to Metro Davao, the following are the most prominent private villages or gated communities:

  • Forbes Park in Makati
  • Dasmariñas Village in Makati
  • Magallanes Village in Makati
  • Ayala Alabang Village in Muntinlupa
  • Valle Verde 1-6 in Pasig
  • Wack Wack Village in Mandaluyong
  • White Plains in Quezon City
  • La Vista Subdivision in Quezon City
  • Corinthian Gardens in Quezon City
  • Green Meadows in Quezon City
  • Maria Luisa Park in Cebu City
  • Northtown Homes in Mandaue City
  • AMIYA Resort Residences in Davao City
  • Villa de Mercedes in Davao City

House for Sale PhilippinesThese subdivisions set the norm when it comes to privacy, convenience, and comfort. Aside from 24/7 security, one cannot simply enter these villages. Your vehicle will either need a sticker that signifies you are a resident, or the guard-on-duty will call the resident you are visiting to verify whether to let you inside or not. As strict as this may seem, this does make these communities one of the safest in the country.

These villages also offer more than security. Each has at least one clubhouse, typically with a swimming pool where residents can hang out in or even rent for special occasions. There are also private parks, and even golf courses. These subdivisions are also centrally located and some are even close to top educational institutions and shopping malls making them practical locations as well.

This is why it comes as no surprise as to why houses in these areas are priced at a premium. In spite of hefty selling prices, they are still the most sought after and everyone dreams of living in these gated communities. Of course, there are more affordable versions of these villages all over the country. They may not have actors, diplomats, and politicians living in them, but they offer the same basic perks for the utmost in comfort and security. This is why owning and living in a house of your own in the Philippines is truly a dream come true.


Frequently Asked Questions in House for Sale

Are there houses for sale near me?

Yes, there are 69,662 house and lot for sale around the Philippines. The Philippines is one of the fastest developing nations in Asia. For over a decade and in the next years to come, it has been and will be experiencing stellar economic growth.

Are there townhouses for sale available?

There are 30,374 townhouses for sale in the Philippines. Whether you are situated in a busy metropolis or in the more laid-back municipalities, townhomes for sale can be found in any part of the Philippines.

Are there beach houses for sale in the Philippines?

Yes, there are 227 beach houses for sale around the Philippines. Beachfront properties are among the more common real estate options in the Philippines, as it is after all a tropical country.



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