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About Golden Haven Memorial Parks

Golden Haven is a subsidiary of Golden Bria Holdings, Inc. one of the largest real estate companies in the Philippines in terms of market capitalization.

Golden Bria Holdings, Inc. (HVN), formerly Golden Haven, Inc., was incorporated on November 16, 1982, and is mainly engaged in the development and sale of memorial lots across various parts of the Philippines. The Company likewise develops, constructs, and operates columbarium facilities.

The Company’s deathcare business operates under the “Golden Haven” brand and presently has 35 developments in 32 locations across the country. Golden Haven (HVN) also has columbaries within a selection of its memorial parks, including the 20,000-vault columbarium located beneath the Sanctuario de San Ezekiel Moreno, a chapel constructed by the Company along C5 Road, Pulang Lupa, Las Piñas. HVN also has memorial chapel services in Las Piñas and Pampanga.

Golden Haven also offers memorial lots at varying sizes and price points within each of its existing memorial parks and within those memorial parks presently in development. The four basic lot packages are lawn lot; garden niche; family patio; and family estate. Purchasers of a family estate lot can elect to construct a mausoleum, the design, and construction of which must conform to Golden Haven’s parameters as part of the terms of the purchase. HVN also provides, as an additional service and at additional cost to the client, construction and associated services for these mausoleums.
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Redefining concepts in the memorial park industry, Golden Haven Park Cebu is a thing of beauty — in fact, true enough, is now the most beautiful memorial park in the country. Amidst these inspiring effigies, Golden Haven abounds in lush blossoms and shady trees in an environment inspired by Italian-inspired design. There you can be at peace and find the needed energy to face your day’s responsibilities. Definitely more than just graves and lawns, Golden Haven introduces several firsts that have earned for itself the respect of the discriminating market which has learned the prime difference between an investment and a wise investment. Golden Haven’s holistic results would be in full adherence to its tagline along with its attributes to the aesthetics in memorial ties to past revered icons. This mountaintop sanctuary is only a few minutes ride from the city, so visiting and remembering your departed loved ones need not be a yearly ritual but a habit, something to look forward to every week or even every day as the natural serenity of the place engulfs you. Breathtaking Features We maximized the enchanting surroundings and created inventories and amenities that blend in — the Pope John Paul II Memorial Hill, the Garden Plaza, the Imperial Gardens, the Koi Pond, the Butterfly Open-Garden, the Tree Park and many more soon to come. The Butterfly Open Garden is a unique feature in the memorial park concept. You can feel so pleased with the pretty butterflies flittering about the blooms.
Invest in premium memorial lot in Golden Haven Bulacan. Exactly thirty years after the establishment of the first memorial park in Las Pinas, the year 2014 gave birth to the group’s second project in Luzon – Golden Haven Bulacan, an uphill sanctuary situated at San Mateo in Norzagaray. This so-called “Jardim Tropicale” takes its inspiration from the rich forests of the Amazon, which explains the main features of its ginormous gate – the jaguar and birds of paradise — which has become a popular spot for tourists who are visiting Ipo Dam. Apart from its thematic features, Golden Haven Bulacan offers a wide variety of burial options from memorial lots, garden niches, family patios to mausoleums. A soon to rise columbarium features an unorthodox architectural design similar to an aviary which symbolizes the rich avian wildlife of Brazil. In the midst of all these will be the replica of Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Christ the Redeemer overlooking the entire expanse of the park and the scenic views of the Rhino Rock, Mt. Arayat, Philippine Arena, Metro Manila, and Manila Bay. This Brazilian-inspired masterpiece is just a fifteen-minute leisurely drive from Starmall San Jose del Monte. Soon enough, Golden Haven Bulacan will only be a five-minute drive away from the proposed Quirino Highway – Norzagaray Interchange of the North Luzon East Expressway, linking San Jose del Monte, Santa Maria, Norzagaray, Angat, San Ildefonso, San Miguel, Gapan, Sta. Rosa and Cabanatuan to the La Mesa Parkway in Commonwealth, Quezon City.
Golden Haven Nueva Vizcaya pays homage to the glorious heritage of the Andalusian Region of Spain. The beauty and majesty of The Palace and the gardens of Alhambra, the stations of the Cross and celebration of the Glorious mysteries, as well as Andalusia itself, are the inspirations for this serenely beautiful park. Breathtaking Features Golden Haven Nueva highlights nodes and enclaves that feature expansive oases within the park. A tree-lined avenue culminating the towering entrance of the Puerto del Palacio is the prelude to a series of gardens and features in the park. The jewel in the crown of the Andalusian region is the centerpiece of this enclave which features the iconic Patio Delos Leones with the backdrop of its baroque arcade, vibrant Florida at its heart, and the elegant Fuente Espana. Like beads of a rosary, the gardens dedicated to the Glorious mysteries wind their way through the park, punctuated by the node in celebration of the most mystical events of Christendom namely Resureccion, Ascencion, Pentecostes, Asuncion, and Coronacion. Conquered by the Moors, the religion is a blend of the exotic and traditional. Each section named after the historical cities in the province of Andalusia. The names are Cordoba, Granada, Almeria, Malaga, and Seville. A meditation garden dedicated to the passion and the resurrection of Christ. Verdant fields of green offer an idyllic resting place for your loved ones with a space suitable for two (2) on a 2.5 sq.m. lots. Golden Haven Memorial Parks offer varied memorial park options within the confines of its serene and beautiful surroundings. Love knows no boundaries and memories live on. A family patio is an intimate space ideal for outdoor family gatherings in celebration of the life of a departed loved one on an ample of 20 sq.m. lot.