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For Sale Beach Land in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Santa Lourdes, Puerto Princesa
LongPointe Beach in Palawan for Sale LongPointe Beach located ate San Vicente, Palawan. long beach in northwestern palawan is believed to be the longest white sand beach in the Philippines. Longpointe Beach: The town of San Vicente is long and thin, facing west, having a semi-continuous stretch of 60 kilometers of white sand beaches. There is a wide range of prices of beach properties: from P5,000/sm at the furthest barangay (which may be 60 kilometers away) to the premium prices in Long Beach itself. It is a misnomer to call all beaches in San Vicente as part of “Long Beach”. The further you are from the airport, the lower the prices are. The airport is only 2 kilometers from LongPointe Beach. LongPointe is located at the most luxurious area in Long Beach: Barangay New Agutaya, San Vicente. As you can see in the pictures, LongPointe is named after the unique shape of the beach. It is the only part of the main San Vicente Long Beach that has a beachfront as well as a riverfront at the back. Hence, owning property in this area has the advantage of exclusivity and privacy which cannot be found in any other part of Long Beach. A. Description o The property is 10,382 square meters or 1.0382 has. o It is main beach front stretching 448.06 meters with coconut plantation. o It is bordered by a river cutting across its length 240.22 meters. B. 4 Parcels Area/s A1 (LPH 01) = 1,699ms. Frontage is 101.19 meters (beach) P10,000/sm A2 (LPH 02) = 1,781 sms. Frontage is 109 meters (river) P9,000/sm B1 (LPH 03) = 1,780 sms. Frontage is 129.88 meters (beach) P10,000/sm B2 (LPH 04) = 2,096 sms. Frontage 131.22 meters (river) P9,000/sm C (LPR 01) = 3,026 sms. Frontage: 216.99 meters (beach only) P10,000/sm C. Status Clean Title with Excess Area 1 Title per parcel with right of way
₱ 120,000,000
10382 m²
Land Size