Guido Ma. Torres

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Guido Ma. Torres
Lipa City
The online marketing agency is owned and managed by GUIDO MA TORRES, a PRC license Appraiser, Broker & Consultant (ABC). It upholds the Real Estate Service Act (RESA's) mandate on PRC License Brokers & their Salespersons. Its Broker/Mgr. uses Real Estate Virtual Assistants during online transactions; and Home Consultants on-field operations. They act as the Broker's alter ego to give clients/buyers one & one service. They are the Broker's Adm. Support Staff. Middle-income families only decide once on their home choice. The Broker's Assistants must coordinate/assist closely with the home-buyers during 1. pre-home construction, 2. home construction, and 3. home post-construction period or full home-buying services. Home-buyers Full Satisfaction is Our Ultimate Goal. Our home marketing policy is to eliminate all the "pains" related to home buying; and instead, deliver to home-buyers a WORRY FREE HOMES. On other Real Estate Transactions, the Broker/Consultant owner will provide the current prevailing economic, social, Real Estate trends etc within the surrounding area of the properties for sale. He integrate them in the its current urban environments and give the Highest and Best Use of the said properties as a guide to its future development. The Full Satisfaction of our Home-Buyers and the Business Success of our Real Estate Investors are the measure of OUR SUCCESS. SUCCESS THRU COMPLETE REALTY SERVICES (3/22/19)
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