About The Program

The Lamudi Future Leaders Program is a management trainee program that aims to help brilliant fresh graduates from top universities jumpstart their professional career at the leading real estate platform in the Philippines.

Highly talented individuals who make the cut will be given the chance to learn the ropes of a multinational online real estate platform.

Through the Lamudi Future Leaders Program, future leaders of the company will be exposed to training and one-on-one mentorship with management and will also be given projects that focus on key business improvements, all for the holistic development of the Lamudi Future Leader talent.

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How it Works

The selection process

To determine the individuals who will take part in the Lamudi Future Leaders Program, applicants will be shortlisted based on academic background and completion of requirements. Individuals who are shortlisted for the program will be contacted by Lamudi’s Human Resources for a series of interviews. Once you’ve passed the interviews, you will undergo a 10-day bootcamp to assess your sales competence.

The training procedure

The training program will run for a total of one (1) year. As their training moves forward, they will be given targets. Their ability to hit these targets will help in the assessment of their progress. If they are determined to have succeeded by the end of the training period, they will graduate, be given a new position title, and continue to be part of Lamudi’s growth story.


Program Opportunities

We're looking for people that are:




& curious



Driven &



Accountable &



Willing to
learn, grow
and improve



1   Resume

2   Transcript of Records or Certificate of Grades

3   Recommendation letter from internship manager, thesis adviser or former professor

4   Intent Letter

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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to be able to work with as many promising candidates, so we will go through all applications and consider everyone who will qualify for the training.
All applicants will go through profiling. If you don’t qualify as a Sales Management Trainee, then we will assess if you might be a better fit for other departments or other roles within the company if there are any open positions.
No. You will work in the Business Development department.
Your evaluation process will be the same as that of the rest of the employees. Since Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be set once you are done with onboarding for the program, your performance will be checked monthly if it is at par with the requirements set by the company.
Just like other employees, your training may be discontinued and you may be let go.
Yes. You will go through training but will be hired as an employee and will be given an employment contract. As this will be your first job, you will follow a regular work schedule.
Similar to other employees of the company, we will follow the “no work, no pay” policy should you have absences during probation. Once you pass the probationary period after six (6) months of good performance, then you may start using your leave credits.
Yes. You will be entitled to all standard employment benefits as mandated by law, plus company benefits and rulings.

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