Daiana Reyes

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Daiana Reyes
Certified Partner
DMCI Homes Corporate Center, Evangelista, Makati, Philippines
Let me help you invest your hard earned money in DMCI Homes that increases the value of your money and assets as it will be one of the best things you can do for yourself. For more inquiries, computations, discounts, reservations, please contact: Ms. Daiana Reyes Sales Consultant Why choose DMCI Homes? DMCI Homes is the country’s first real estate firm to be recognized as a Quadruple A contractor. The quad A license given to DMCI Homes is currently the highest given to firms that satisfy the institution’s requirements. This also allows the AAAA builder-developer to qualify to be invited to foreign bids. “The categories are defined on the basis of financial capacity, building experience, and expertise of technical personnel, among others. The AAAA license just signifies our building capabilities. The Quadruple A category was the latest addition to the classification of general engineering and general building following an amendment in The Contractor’s License Law based on CIAP Board Resolution No. 8-2015.
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