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Like its namesake tree, Magtalisay, Talisay City stands tall and proud. It’s one of the most urbanized areas in Region VII, offering much to those who stay under its shade. Its business-friendly environment paves the way for fruitful investments, and its educational institutions produce a competitive workforce.

You won’t regret purchasing a house for sale in Talisay, Cebu.

A History Spanning Centuries

Talisay has a past that’s as rich as the province where it’s situated. The Augustinian friars founded it in the 1640s, and, in 1849, the colonial government converted it to a bustling municipality.

During the Second World War, it was one of the sanctuaries for Cebuano military and guerrilla forces. They fought for the country’s movement until the Japanese surrendered Cebu in 1945.

The municipality became a city and part of Metro Cebu through a 2000 referendum. And, because of its proximity to Cebu City, the heart of commerce in the island, the locality grew abuzz with business and entertainment hubs, attracting visitors, investors, and shoppers from the Visayas islands.

An Animated Economy

Talisay City enjoys a vibrant economy. Its 22 barangays house various businesses, like meat and fish processing facilities. People invest in furniture, metal crafts, ceramics, and clothing manufacturing. The city is also a major tourist spot in the island; there’s no shortage of hospitality ventures, such as travel and tours, restaurants, hotels, and souvenir shops, around here.

The Lechon industry is alive, thanks to the popularity of the Cebuano recipe. Its farmlands, meanwhile, produce corn, rice, root crops, and vegetables. Various employment opportunities await you here.

A Vibrant Social Scene

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The city is a seat of Cebuano eco-tourism. Barangay Biasong houses Crocolandia, a sanctuary of crocodiles, monitor lizards, snakes, peacocks, iguanas, and more. The Igotan Cave, meanwhile, draws in spelunkers through stories of therapeutic waters and engkatadas. You can also visit the Lagundi Reef, a popular diving site with hundreds of species of fish and corals.

Those looking for other types of recreational activities will be happy to discover that Talisay is home to countless commercial complexes, cinemas, shopping districts, and department stores.

The city doesn’t let its namesake tree down. It has a plethora of things to offer — lucrative jobs, natural wonders, and recreation hubs. Take a look at the properties for sale in Talisay, Cebu today.