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The average rent price of Consolacion houses presently listed on Lamudi is Php27,600 a month. Three-bedroom houses may be rented for an average rate of Php22,600, while rent prices for two-bedroom houses may range from Php8,000 to Php15,000.

A rapidly developing first income class municipality in the province of Cebu, Consolacion is about 12.5 kilometers away from Cebu City.

Consolacion started as a barrio of Mandaue before becoming a separate town with a population of 14,248 in 1871. In 1902 and 1903, however, the town was not able to sustain its independent status, reverting as a component of Mandaue, before becoming independent again in 1920.

70 percent of Consolacion’s total land area is highland mountains while 18 percent is foreshore land.


A colorful, historical town

Consolacion Cebu Modern Homes you can stayConsolacion’s independent status has been tumultuous since its founding in 1871. After enjoying decades of autonomy, Consolacion became a mere part of Mandaue again in 1902. However, in 1920, Consolacion was granted an independent municipality status after a petition was accepted by the governor. As a sign of gratitude, the residents named the new town after the governor’s daughter, Consolacion. They also selected San Narciso as the patron saint of the town, the namesake of his wife, Narcisa.

A famous event associated with the town is the Sarok Festival. The festival was traditionally held every 14th of February to coincide with Consolacion’s charter day celebrations. However, the schedule has now been moved to October each year. The feast is named after sarok, a conical hat made of dried banana leaves and bamboo strips typically worn by the townspeople, particularly by the farmers, to protect themselves from the sun and the rain. Consolacion being an agricultural town, sarok became a much-needed head-wear for the residents.

Today, the Sarok Festival has evolved into a free interpretative dance parade, with musical concepts taking inspiration from the Miligoy de Cebu, a Filipino folk-dance emanating from the same town. The dance is usually performed by a pair during special gatherings like weddings, baptisms and other social events. Bamboo castanets are commonly used as props during the dance.

The Festival has often been described as a “mini-Sinulog” or a “mardi gras of colors and street dancing” which is held along Consolacion’s main road. Participants wear colorful and flamboyant costumes that depict the fiesta-like aura of the celebration.


Town on the rise

Homes you can rent in Consolacion CebuConsolacion is currently classified as a first-class municipality with a vibrant economy, boosting its chances of becoming the 9th Cebuano city in the future. Consolacion is nearby tetra-cities of Mandaue City, Cebu City, Lapu-lapu City and Talisay City. It is also included in the Metropolitan Cebu urban center, considered as the second-largest and second-most important urban conglomeration of cities in the country after Metro Manila.

Consolacion is still predominantly a residential urban municipality. Due to the influx of residential subdivisions in Consolacion, it won’t be long until cityhood requirements are fulfilled. Aside from the development of residential areas, Consolacion has also attracted several small and medium-sized manufacturing industries. Tayud, a peninsula in Consolacion, is mostly industrial and commercial.

Centrally located north of Cebu City, the town is often frequented by notable visitors and guests. It has also hosted several official visits from foreign investors who were convinced that the town is a good place to invest and settle. It has also attracted retiring Cebuanos from overseas who are looking to spend their golden years back home, relishing the tranquil rural hills surrounding the town.

Consolacion features some of the cheapest options of houses for rent in Cebu, and even in Visayas overall. For a reasonable monthly price of Php 20,000, new residents may rent a full fenced four-bedroom house located in Brgy. Casili, a two-minute drive from the Central Nautical Highway and the Fooda Shopping Mall.

For renters with money to spare, a four-bedroom house located within an exclusive, yet cosmopolitan neighborhood is available for rent at Php 40,000 per month. The house is ten to 15 minutes away from SM Mall Consolacion, Pacific Mall Mandaue, ParkMall, S&R American Supermarket and SM Mall Mandaue.

A fully-furnished, five-bedroom house located in Brgy. Lamac may also be rented at a cost of Php55,000. Amenities include a swimming pool, clubhouse and a basketball court.