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Renting a Condo or a Room in Cebu City

Room for Rent in Cebu cityCebu City, known as the “Queen City of the South”, is a bustling metropolis where opportunities abound thanks to its rapid economic growth fueled by an influx of both foreign and local investments. You can explore thousands of job opportunities from the IT industry, call centers, manufacturing companies, and the tourism sector.

The city is also home to the best educational institutions and universities like the University of San Carlos and the University of the Philippines Cebu. Living in the city provides you a fast-paced metropolitan lifestyle surrounded with a wide array of dining and leisure amenities--shopping malls, top-rated hotels and casinos, beautiful beaches, a busy nightlife scene, and colorful festivities that celebrate the city’s culture. If you are considering to stay in the city for work or other reasons, here are some insights on property rentals in Cebu City.

A Room versus a Condo

In choosing between renting a room or a condo unit, you have to take into consideration the following factors:

  • Your monthly rental budget - It is obvious that a room rental is less costly than the rent charged for a condo unit, so you have to determine what you can afford to pay. While room rentals are cheaper, most of the room-for-rent units are usually located in villages or subdivisions farther to the city’s center, which means you also have to allocate for transportation expenses and commute time. Condos, on the other hand, are more costly because they come with more amenities, and there are certain association dues that you have to pay on top of the rent.
  • The lifestyle you want – If cost is not a major hurdle for you and you prioritize things like comfort and convenience, then condo living is suitable for you. Condos are usually located within accessible areas of the prime business districts and are most commonly equipped with amenities such as gyms, pool, open spaces, parking, and other utilities- for its tenants.
  • The issue of privacy – If you are the private type of person, you should consider that living in your own condo unit will provide you the privacy you want. Renting a room will mean sharing your living space with the house owners and maybe some other tenants in the facility. However, having other people around you also has its advantages in terms of providing companionship and security.

Affordable Studio Rooms for Rent in Cebu City Condo Sharing as an Option

If you have done your search for rental options in most property portals, you would have noticed that there are a number of ads for condo sharing, a trend that has emerged in the rental scene.

In this scheme, condo owners usually rent out and share the space with others. Or, one person takes in a whole unit for rent and then finds somebody else who is looking for a place to rent to share the cost. If you would like to enjoy the frills of condo living without having to pay too much, then this might be an option worth considering.

Just bear in mind that you should be extra careful in choosing the person you will live with. It has to be someone you know and trust--like a coworker or a friend from your college days.

Rooms and Condo Rates in Cebu City

Lamudi Price Index has put the recent average of one-bedroom condo rentals in Cebu City at PHP30,000 per month. You can find cheaper units, priced between PHP13,000 to PHP20,000- which are unfurnished of farther from the city center. There are several locations available, some of which are close to the IT Park and the Ayala Mall.

The price average for room rentals is PHP18,000 per month depending on the area--with the ones close to the business district or provided with furnishings like an air conditioning unit-commanding higher prices. You can source for options in property portals like Lamudi to help you find the one that best fits your needs. Rental properties are updated regularly, and you can apply filters to your searches such as price range and specific location- to help make your search easier. Finding a room or condo unit to rent is Cebu City is not difficult because there are a lot of listings available, although the transformation of the city into a fully developed metropolis has made the price of rentals surge. However, you can be creative in your sourcing by exploring the vicinities of the city for more affordable rental rates.