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The Central Province that Rivals the Capital

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The majority of Cebu Province is located on Cebu Island in the Central Visayas Region. The island is linked to the rest of the country via the Nautical Highway System (which includes highways, ferries, and bridges) and the Mactan-Cebu International Airport on Mactan Island. Geographically, it a central province with the Negros Provinces to its west, Bohol and Leyte to its east, Siquijor to its south, and Masbate to its north. It is the main hub of the entire Visayas and is second to Metro Manila in terms of economic and strategic importance.

What makes the province unique compared to the capital are its natural wonders. While it takes at least two hours to get to beaches from the capital, it only takes minutes to an hour to get the white sands and diving spots of the province. Surrounded by water with a coastline of approximately 513 kilometers, the province easily offers both a metropolis and a place of relaxation. A juxtaposition that the province easily balances.

Aside from being a tourist destination, Cebu is also popular business hub. With low operating costs and a supportive government, many companies are relocating, basing themselves, or setting up a branch in the province. The term “Ceboom” is now to term to describe the province’s rapid economic development. It comes as no surprise then that the residential and commercial real estate sectors are the fastest growing sectors in the province. The number of developments in the province are increasing - houses, shopping malls, condominiums, hypermarkets, etc.

Apartment for Rent: Cebu and Its Heart and Soul

As more people are opting to live in Cebu, the price of residential real estate is increasing. This means that not everyone who want to relocate to the province can easily afford to buy a residence. This is where apartments for rent in Cebu come in.

Arguably, the best places to find a Cebu apartment for rent is in Metro Cebu. Made up of seven cities and six municipalities, it the center of the province’s activities. The following are the most popular cities that make up Metro Cebu.

Fully Furnished Apartment for Rent in Cebu

Cebu City (pop. ~866,000) - the heart of the province. The name Cebu translates to “trade” and is a reflection of the city’s importance as a commercial center for hundreds of years. The city is still the center of commerce of the province, and was ranked 8th in the world on the “Top 100 BPO Destinations Report” by Tholons, an advisory firm for Global Outsourcing and Research.

Lapu-Lapu City (pop. ~350,000) - if Cebu City is the heart of the province, Lapu-Lapu is its soul. Several famous landmarks are found here, including the Lapu-Lapu Shrine. The shrine is dedicated to the Philippine’s first national hero, the warrior chief, Lapu-Lapu, who defeated the Spanish invader, Magellan. It is known as a more tranquil alternative to the relatively hectic lifestyle of the city center.

Mandaue City (pop. ~330,000) - bordering Cebu City in the north, Mandaue is a highly urbanized city, and more affordable than Cebu City. It is home to many historical and geographically interesting areas, such as the Monkey Caves and the National Shrine of Saint Joseph. It is a new tourist destination where the yearly Mandaue (or Mantawi) Fiesta is celebrated.