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The average selling price of Camarines Sur houses presently listed on Lamudi is Php6.5 million. Two-bedroom houses in the area currently on the market cost a little over Php2.2 million, while three-bedroom houses are sold at a range of Php 4 million to as much as Php6 million.

Camarines Sur is the largest province in the Bicol Region. The City of Naga, a 2nd class independent component city, is located in the province. Naga is considered the cultural and business hub of Camarines Sur.

The province, about 450 kilometers from Manila, and lies at the heart of the Bicol Peninsula. Found at the center of the Camarines Sur is the Bicol plain, which is surrounded by mountains, two of which are Isarog and Iriga.

Camarines Sur or CamSur for short is commonly considered the priciest among all provinces in Bicolandia.


Camarines Sur: The Heart of Bicolandia

Camarines Sur Modern Homes you can buyThe Spanish legacy is particularly palpable in Camarines Sur, considering that the province was initially a Spanish-founded settlement, known then as Tierra de Camarines. The name is derived from camaronchones or camarines, a Spanish term for kamalig which referred to portable bamboo nipa huts by the natives.

Just like the rest of the country, the climate in Cam Sur is very tropical, with the dry season lasting from March to May, and wet for the rest of the year.

Due to its fertile lands and favorable weather, the economy of Cam Sur is mostly agrarian, except for the more developed city of Naga which has a tri-economy based on commerce, industry, and agriculture. As the main economic hub of Bicolandia, most products of the region are brought to the city. Naga also has expansive farms all over the city that grow corn, rice and lilies.

Cam Sur is known for its diversity. In 2010, one of its indigenous languages – the Isarog language – was classified as Critically Endangered by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). It is estimated that the language will be extinct within a decade or two if the remaining 150 people who speak it do not pass the language to the succeeding generation.


Life in Cam Sur

As it is surrounded by the seas, Cam Sur is gradually becoming a famous tourist spot due to its pristine beaches, majestic waterfalls and lush green mountains. Some of its famous destinations include the renowned CamSur Water Sports Complex, surfer’s paradise Siargao and the Caramoan Islands which has been used as a filming location for the hit reality TV show, Survivor.

The province also offers eco-tourist activities like mountain trekking and bird-watching. Beyond Mt. Iriga is the Lake Buhi, home to the sinarapan, the world’s smallest edible fish.

But lovers of city life won’t feel out of place in Cam Sur. Its independent city, Naga, is one most modern and fastest developing cities in the country.

Naga City houses six of the largest universities in Bicol Region. Among these are Ateneo de Naga University, Universidad de Sta. Isabel and University of Nueva Caceres, to name a few. It is also the home to the largest shopping mall in all Bicolandia, SM City Naga, with foot traffic ranging from 100,000 to 250,000 every two days.


Buy a house in Cam Sur

Homes you can buy in Cam SurDue to its economic viability and strategic location, being at the center of the Bicol Region, businesses and investors have been flocking Cam Sur. Homebuilders and developers have begun master planning and developing communities in the province to the delight of many Bicolanos.

But despite the rapid development of the province, Cam Sur remains cheaper relative to Metro Manila standards. The selling price of a two-bedroom house in the province could go as low as Php 1.4 million, depending on its location and characteristics. Larger families may opt to go for a three-bedroom house, the price of which could range from Php 4 million to Php 6 million.

Buyers who have the money to spend might want to consider a 320 square meter property in Naga City, priced at Php 22 million, that features six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and an 18-meter swimming pool. The newly constructed modern house was built by a reputable local engineer to include earthquake and typhoon resistant materials.

A natural haven with a touch of modernity, Cam Sur easily offers the best of both worlds and could enthrall both the urban warrior or the nature lover.