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The Gateway to Metro Manila from Bulacan

Commercial Land in San Jose del Monte

Bordered by the cities of Caloocan and Quezon in Metro Manila, San Jose Del Monte is one of Bulacan’s gateways to the National Capital Region. The city’s strategic location has enabled it to transition from a primarily agricultural economy into an increasingly important commercial and industrial hub.

Recent years has seen the continuous growth of San Jose del Monte’s economy, which has furthered the expansion of its infrastructure, social services, and the development of its tourism and other industries. Continuing to benefit from this continued development is the local real estate industry, where residents, old, new and transient, are afforded an increasing number of quality property choices.

Lot for Sale: San Jose del Monte, Bulacan Has Great Choices

While development is continuous, vacant lots for sale in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, have been just as in demand, as evident from the following properties in the city currently available on the market:

First, a 72 square meter property marked as ‘Lot 16, Block 1’ in Northridge Heights Subdivision, Phase I and I-C in Barangay Santo Cristo is available for only PHP 188,000. Another similar lot is available in the same subdivision. Designated as ‘Lot 8, Block 5’, it is also similarly priced at PHP 188,000. There are also larger properties available in Northridge, such as the 186 square meter ‘Lot 15, Block 32’ which is on the market for PHP 484,000.

In another development is a larger 241 square meter property. ‘Lot 18, Block 1’, located in the Phase 1-D portion of the La Poblacion Subdivision, is presently available for only PHP 482,000. In the Northwinds Subdivision in Barangay Kaypian and Santo Cristo, on the other hand, is a 67 square meter ‘Lot 2, Block 5’, which is for sale at PHP 195,000. In the same subdivision is a 97 square meter property, ‘Lot 39, Block 1’, which is presently priced at PHP 253,000. Nearby is a 134 square meter property, ‘Lot 10, Block 16’ in the Phase 4-A portion, which in turn is currently on the market for PHP 389,000.

San Jose del Monte Has Residential Land

For buyers looking for significantly larger lots, there is a massive 9,000 square meter plot of land located in Barangay Kaybanban for sale at P7,792,481. In Colinas Verdes Subdivision in Barangay San Manuel is a 170 square meter property, ‘Block 67, Lot 4’, which is also for sale, this time for PHP 1,700,000. The latter is listed specifically indicating that it has a clean land title, updated payments for real estate taxes, and is very near SM City San Jose del Monte.

There is also a lot for sale in the city’s Colinas Verdes Subdivision, which is a corner lot distinguished as ‘Phase I, Block 92, Lot 64’ and features 209 square meters  for PHP 1,672,000. In the Northwinds Subdivision is the 245 square meter ‘Lot 3, Block 1, Phase 8-A’ currently on sale for PHP 735,000. In Colinas Verdes Subdivision, a larger 257 square meter corner lot, ‘Phase 1, Block 75, Lot 16’, is also for sale at PHP 1,927,000, and is said to be ideal for buyers looking for a community with a luxurious country club atmosphere with modern amenities.

Benefit from San Jose Del Monte’s continued rise as one of Bulacan’s premier industrial, commercial, and residential hubs, by investing in a lot to turn into your future home or business in the city today!