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Big 5 bedroom bungalow for sale in San Roque, Baclayon, Bohol

Characteristics of this property. Do you like to own a villa but you are unable to pay 30 Million Philippine Pesos or more? Then this is your chance! You can now own a great bungalow for 9 Million Pesos and easily transform it to a villa. Here's why: This remarkable property has the 7 characteristics of a villa: Very high fireproof ceilings. Space for many amenities: the garden allows space for a swimming pool, spa, guest house etc. Many bedrooms. Basically there are 5 but you can create 2 more in the spacious attic so you would have 7 bedrooms. Huge space for guests. The living room is 61 square meters but, by moving the open kitchen to the adjacent bedroom, you can easily make it 72 sm. This living room opens up to a spacious roofed terrace of 30 sm. So you have 102 sm available for parties! Excellent privacy. The house is single detached and the garden is surrounded by a huge wall at the sides and the back while the front is an elegant main gate supported by columns. Neighbors are at a reasonable distance. Top quality building materials. Only the BEST materials were used for the construction of this property. A 25 Year Quality Guarantee is included. The molave (oak) parts (doors+jams and windows+jams) are even guaranteed for a lifetime. No hidden defects = no surprises after buying! Parking space for 10 cars. The lot outside the gate in front of the garden also belongs to this property. There you can easily create parking places for up to ten cars. Sizes in square meters. Living room: 61 Bedroom 1: 25 Bedroom 2: 11 Bedroom 3: 11 Bedroom 4: 5 Bedroom 5: 7 Bathroom 1: 7 Bathroom 2: 6 Bathroom 3: 4 Terrace: 30 Attic: 53 Total floor area: 220 square meters. Garden: 548 sm. Lot in front of garden: 212 sm Total lot area: 760 square meters. Enjoy the benefits of living in a natural green environment while simultaneously having the comfort of living near the capital! Quiet, safe, friendly and very green neighborhood. You will have friendly neighbors, both rich and poor. Near to the beach, highway, shopping centers, schools, public transport, church, public market, town hall, police station, restaurants, tennis court etc. Exact location: Town of Baclayon, province of Bohol, Philippines. Barangay San Roque. The house is situated along a modern Provincial Road and at a distance of 400 meters from the highway. Located south of the capitol Tagbilaran City at a distance of 7 km. Near to the famous beach resort island of Panglao. 25 Years Warranty! When the current owners started building the property 6 years ago, the first thing they did was buying all materials themselves without any exception. Their engineer didn't get a chance to buy anything. So, unlike other engineers in the Philippines, he never got a chance to buy lower quality materials, while presenting the home owner receipts with higher amounts. Note: this happens more than you might think, especially with new housing projects, so watch out! The current owner is so confident in the quality of this exceptional 6 years old property that he has decided to offer something extra you will seldom encounter. The buyer will receive an official 25 years Quality Guarantee Certificate on this property. This 25 year period starts after receipt of full payment. This extensive Warranty includes all essential parts of the house, excluding the garden. It covers any internal structural defects caused by construction and installation errors and by material defects. Included in this Warranty are the roof including frame, plumbing pipes, electricity pipes and wiring, floors, ceilings, walls, columns, oak windows, doors and tiles. The molave (oak) parts such as doors, windows and all the jams, are even guaranteed for a lifetime.
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